A question about topical

Ok do topical fat loss gels work? By work I mean can they actually help you to pick where you lose the fat? Obviously you still have to burn the calories or else they will restore, but do they work, if so which is best and does biotest have one?

(The main reason I ask this and expect a ‘No they don’t work’ is because I didn’t see a biotest product)


No, none, no.

I hope that helps. Once the guberment is finished destroying the prohormone industry, I hope they tackle these guys next.

Biotest said they attempted to make one but the results it gave wasn’t worth it. It was probably better than what’s out there now in the “topicals” but Biotest has pretty high standards.


I’ve always been curious about it because I’ve read posts where Bill Roberts talked about the ones he tried developing not working well but at the same time I’ve read posts by Tampa-Terry saying that they work and even Christian during his transformation program used Yohimburn DF (topical fat loss formula)…so I’m kinda confused on this issue.

Christian also said that he really couldn’t tell if it worked or not because he had modified his training and diet and was taking a bunch of other supplements.

At best you might get a temporary local water loss effect. Probably not even noticeable unless you’re already at 7% bodyfat. In short, there are much more proven things our there to spend your money on and other bigger issues (diet and training) to worry about.

THANKS!! I figured if anyone knew it would be you guys and no point in me wasting money. I’m on a slow but steady weight loss adventure that started in spetember when I weighed 244lbs and had 40% body fat. I’m down to 215 and 26%. Still got a long ways to go.
I’ve starting using some Hydroxycut I had bought back when I started, and it seems to work. I put on most the fat on my stomach, and of course its coming off everywhere else first… but I guess I just keep at it and the end results will be good.

Thanks guys

Predaraptor, just wanted to add some props on your good work so far. You’re doing it the right way (of course, you should be using Hot-rox instead of the Other Brand :wink: ).

Good luck with your plan, and please post pics when you’re done.

I used it and I lost fat around my midsection but I don’t know if it was because of the gel or just an overall effect of the yohimbe HCL. Although I don’t think it is a good idea to use it unless you are around 10% bodyfat.


Congrats on great progress. :slight_smile:

I concur w/ char that Hot-Rox may be better. I never used topical, but I heard that it shows improvement if your BF is low. (26% probably isn’t the “low” category)

Thanks… I’m gonna order some Hot-Rox may 1 when I get paid, and I’ll post back in here about my results with it. I will also post some b4 after pics when I get down to a bf% I think is worthy of showing pictures :slight_smile: