A Question about the Training Log

Yesterday, I saw that when I clicked on the icon for my Training Log, two topics appeared. It used to be just one thread. And whenever I’ve clicked on the journal it opens to my posts from months ago. Now the new link that is above opens to my last opinion, which is good when I start filling out a new workout.
It’s possible I clicked something unintentionally, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

That’s not “the icon for your training log”, it’s your bookmarked posts. It sounds like you have bookmarked a separate post in your thread but also the thread itself.

You can click on the bookmark icon of the old post and then click on the bin if you wish to remove it.


Thank you man. I didn’t even know that the training log was showing up because I ticked it. I thought this icon was to directly access the training log only. I fixed everything.
Now when I think about how long I struggled, I get really angry.