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A question about Soy Protein

I was in the store yesterday and in the bulk foods section, there were some Soy nuts. They were the cheapest nuts per pound, but per quarter cup they had the most protein (12g compared to 6-7 w/ other nuts). Is this a good source of protein? They’re called Soy nuts so I guess I’m assuming the protein is Soy protein. I thought I read something about Soy protein increasing estrogen levels or something. What do you think?

There have been reports in studies that soy protein increases estrogen levels but the amount of estrogen was very small which means only ridicously huge amounts of soy is harmful.Soy is a very good source of protein.

I did a lot of research on soy and soy protein this summer. I think soy is a dangerous “food”. It’s being linked to all sorts of problems… here are just a few:
Cancers, hypothyroidism, immune system dysfunction, brain shrinkage, rheumatism, early onset of puberty, etc. I think you should avoid soy at all costs. Just my 2 cents.

Read TC’s article called “Bad Protein” in issue 87. I ain’t touching the stuff, brother!

Thanks alot for taking the time to reply guys. Sounds like it would be safe to just avoid it even though you might have to eat huge amounts to have problems. Thanks.