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A Question About My Sausage


Get your minds out of the gutter.

My question is dealing with determining how to count my calories from sausage. I've not seen a food before with a "Raw" breakdown and "Cooked" breakdown.

Raw is: Cal 180 P 20 F 10 C 2

Cooked is: Cal 140 P 15 F 8 C 1

Which is the one I would use when entering my log? I've not seen meat with both breakdowns before.


Well are you eating your sausage raw or cooked?

This should answer your question


Well I don't eat hamburger or steak raw either. But I enter those based on uncooked information.


doesn't matter, just be consistent in the way you count it.

You could count an apple as 1,000 calories, if you eat it everyday then in the end you still just adjust based upon your progress.


Best post. Even looking at canned food, you can't expect to get the EXACT same number of calories between two cans of chili. These are all estimates....so you know if you eat pretty much the same things, you can still count them as constants.

The only reason for a difference in raw or cooked is that some water and fat will be lost in cooking. OBVIOUSLY if I grill my own red meat, it will have less grease than the same pound of beef at Micky D's




^^^ Agreed