A Question About My Cycle?

I’ve been on 1 cc of Test Suspension 100 mg/ml and 30 mg D-bol daily for Seven days. The lifts are going great and I’ve gained about 8-10 Lbs with no noticable change in BF. I have been eating about 4800-5200 Cal a day. The pumps are very hard to deal with as they are almost painful at times. I thought I would take today off and get some rest.

My question is this, I have recently aquired some Test Enthanate 250mg/ml and would like to start working it into the cycle. First, is it ok to run water base and oil base in the same needle, any pain issues etc? How many more days should I run the TS and just switch to the TE. I am interested in saving the other half of the 20mg TS for either the end of the cycle or perhaps another cycle in the future.

All comments welcome!!!

Just switch in your test E. It will take a couple days for it to become effective in your body, so you can continue using your suspension as well. Mixing the two in one syringe is ok, as long as you understand that they won’t actually “mix”. Just remember that test E has a lot longer half life than does suspension, so keep that in mind when deciding when to switch back to suspension.

Hey Tergon, glad to see you’ve come over to the dark side.

I would stay on the TS for another 2 weeks after your first injection of TE to make sure your blood serum levels are at peak with the TE. This is the most effective way to keep your levels spiking too high or too low.

It is quite alright to mix both oil-base and water-base chemicals into the same syringe. If you plan on doing 2 seperate injections with the same syringe, then shake up the syringe to temporarily mix up the solution to get even amounts in both injection sites (for volume purposes. ie. I wouldn’t inject 2cc into one muscle…I would separate it into 2 shoots, 1cc each muscle). Good luck.

Thanks for the responses guys, I have posted this same message on a few other boards to get varying answers.

In reality this is how it played out. I started the cycle of TS on Dec 22, took 1cc ED for a week then started the TE along with the D-bol. As MassNutrition pointed out I had a few days in there were my blood levels were going crazy, but it has seemed to even out. I am going to stay on the TE for 5 weeks then another week with the TS and TE followed about 10 days later with PCT. I have seen incrediable weight gain, mostly water in the 2 weeks I have been ON.

Dec 22, 2004 starting weight 222 LBS 16%BF

Jan 5, 2004 weight 242 LBS 18%BF

Lifts are going great 245LBs Bench for 5 reps, overhead press 175 LBS for 8-9 reps. Deads 375 LBs for 5-8 reps. Squat (Most pathentic lift) 315 LBS for 5 reps rock bottom though.

Cheers and I hope to keep you all updated.

One problem that I could use some help with would be the water bloat that I am having. I know that if I start to take a Anti E that it is possible that I may not make all the gains that I could, but the bloat is crazy to say the least. Any Ideas?

Just suck it up and deal with the bloat or start using letrozole. You should still make pretty good gains, maybe just not the maximum possible.

Don’t take this as an insult, but as I recall you were pretty heavy at one time, so I might be a little concerned about gyno if I were you.

I wouldn’t worry so much about a little less gains with an Anti-E, but not taking one and getting gyno. The price of some Nolva and or some Arimidex is nothing compared to gyno surgery, I should know :).