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A Question about Dosing


Alright, I want to try my first cycle using just deca but I was wondering on how much to get for someone like me who is about 160 pounds, around 5% body fat, and never done steroids. So I actually have three questions.

1) How much per week and for how many weeks do you recommend?
2) I was wondering if just doing small doses over a longer time or even just half of a usual cycle in the normal time to take a cycle would give good gains for a beginner.
3) I also want to know if anyone has ever kept their gains after a cycle without really juicing again, and maybe if doing smaller doses more as a "testosterone supplement" would make your gains stick. (Assuming you still trained like normal after a cycle.)

Any answers would be helpful, thanks!




Fuck, if I knew it was troll week I would have planned for it!

How much deca, i would say either 0mg/week or something around there. probably less

On the more serious side

1.) read the stickies at the top of the page, and remind me which one says deca is a good choice for a first cycle.

2.) read enough posts to figure out which of us have at least a few brain cells and start reading what we post, as well as every other thread that starts like yours.

3.) take us seriously, you're new, where not. We can help you, provided you do your homework.

4.) no one does just one cycle. It's like saying your only going to have sex once. It happens, but not very often.


dude asked a sincere question! I know this was an uneducated question but c'mon guys...

ryoshi, I agree with ironjoe, you got to do research, research, and more research and plus you'll want to do more cycles. haha thats a given. This site has alot of good information, also just use google.

whats your age and height?
if under 21, then not ready.

I'll give u a lil answer, but don't do what i say, just research it for yourself plz.

No one would recommend deca alone. A good first steroid will always be testosterone. A rule of thumb, its a good idea to run test alone for your first cycle.

For a beginner, do it right, don't cut it short. I guess you can reduce the mg dosage for the whole cycle. You will still see results just not as much if you did larger doses. its your first cycle, you'll see the greatest gains. for example: on average for test cypionate is 500 mg/week for 12 weeks. but a lower acceptable dose can be 250-300mg/week for 12 weeks.

Don't forget Post Cycle Therapy(PCT) such as clomid, nolvadex, letro, and etc. just to name a few. you'll need those to keep most of your gains and to limit side effects like gyno and to get your balls back to normal.


Deca is fine ran with proviron and a dopamine agonist - it is an effective steroid and low in sides when ran in that fashion, however not exactly an easy beginner cycle due to the high amount of ancillaries needed.

I agree - that wasn't a troll question, just under educated 9in relation to AAS).

It is possible to run one cycle, and it is done too - but not by anyone who is particularly impressive. The thing is, over the following year of a cycle, most if not all one's gains will likely be catabolised, leaving you with just a few lbs that likely would have been attained naturally.

It IS possible to keep gains from AAS, but they are really only noticeable in those 'natural' BB's who have not used for at least 2 years, but did use significantly in the past and continue to use peptides, etc. You know the ones - the ones it is hard to beleive they are natural..

One cycle - IN ANYONE - is not going to bring much to the table.. 15-25lbs druing a cycle looks good, but is still not going to change ones body much, let alone after when a good 30-60% is lost (often water/lack of food/training etc.)

Many find that once you have the gains from a cycle, it is difficult to 'regress' back to training naturally, the slowness of the results really sticks out thereafter.

How tall, How old?

You need to choose your drugs, doses, length of cycle yourself.. it is dependant on what you want, dont want and can afford. Why would anyone TELL you what to do? And why would you blindly follow the instructions given to you by some faceless nameless guy online who doesn't know you or give a flying fuck about you?

You wouldn't.

Go away, read about the drugs, what they do, how they do it and what you need to do to use them safely, as you cannot take a steroid and nothing else.. there are side-effects to cater for.




Weight: 177lbs
Height: 6'3"
Body fat %: 13%

How many cycles have you done again? Isn't it a bit early to be advising people on here?


That's some pretty shit advice, IMO. Not all of it mind, but telling a newb to not cut it short is BS. We've all done cycles right? On the board right now, the prevailing mindset is that shorter cycles done more often are much more productive and healthier (less time that your shutdown) than longer, less frequent ones. IME and IMO a first timer does no need anymore than 8 weeks on. After that 8 weeks you reach a point of diminishing returns with regards to muscle gained versus suppression. To reiterate, a frontloaded dose of Test E + 8 week cycle = solid beginner run.

I'm not gonna get into anything else, including quantities because IMO nothing should have been said to OP until he proves that he has the intelligence and desire to do some goddamned research on his own. IMO the first time you do a cycle you should feel prepared, but a little bit nervous. Prepared because you've done your research, have everything lined up. Nervous because it is a big step IMO and you're messing around with your body's natural system....something that should never be taken lightly.

I know some vets and others like to run 12 weeks, but I still think it irresponsible to suggest that as being the best/optimal cycle for a first timer.

@ the OP: Ironjoe gave you some solid advice, follow it and you'll get your answers.


That post is aimed at americano....should've quoted it, sorry Brook your post hadn't shown up when I sent that :wink:


I gave him an example...not to advise but to try and answer OP question since I figured most would dismiss and flame. saying don't cut it short was too strong. i shouldn't of. I believe I answered his question, everyone did, and I bet that was not the replies he wanted. I knew brook would bring my stats up, lol. I feel I am fairly educated when it comes to athletic training, but just recently (1 1/2 yrs) delved into AAS. I know a lil theory but from experience, this is my second cycle.