A Question About DHEA, Estrogen

I took two bottles of the steroid DHEA at different times. Both times seemed to have no effect and brought mt libido down. After reading and learning from this site I wonder if I may increased my E level while taking this hormone? I know this is not nearly as powerful as the other AAS products.None the less I was wondering if I took a product that would block the estrogen increase. Would I see a benefit from DHEA then?

DHEA is fairly innocuous. It is doubtful that it had much of an impact on your estrogen level. DHEA is a precursor to testosterone. Its effects are slight and therefore difficult to perceive. It is more of a health supplement.

If your testosterone and DHEA levels are in the “normal” range to begin with supplementation with DHEA wont have much of an effect.

DHEA is crap.

Its highly likely to do more harm than good, it isnt really worth using.

Thanks guys