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A qestion for Chad Waterbury

Chad, I’m about to start your anti-bodybuilding program and have a question about exercise selection. On your day 1, it gives 2 examples for exercises(bench press and bent over rows) to be done for 10 sets. Would it be ok to do both flat bench and incline bench and split them both into 5 sets. Also, I know you say not to include direct arm work but my arms are a little out of proportion with my chest and back. Would it be helpful to include arm work or just follow your recommendations. On a side note, I have always done direct arm work so your recommendations might help me. Thanks.

I’m planning on starting anti-bb in a few weeks, and I’m pretty sure I’ll put incline into there, too. For me, 10 sets of flat bench would be too boring, not to mention my upper pecs are comparable to those of an Olsen twin. :frowning:


Bump one more time for Chad.

It’s a good program as is. If you read it, it has an option built in for those who absolutely need/want to work arms directly.

I answered this in an email to Jason, but I wanted to let everyone else know my response.
For most programs, adding in more angles would be beneficial. But the AntiBB overcomes the shortcomings in other programs by varying planes/methods on a weekly basis.
If you must, you can add in inclines, but I can honestly tell you it is not needed since the other workout consists of vertical plane pressing movements (e.g. military press, >45 degree incline bench press, etc.). The reason I change planes/methods each week is to hit all angles.
As for 10 sets of the same exercise being boring, I don’t think that is entirely true. Since the sets are only 3-5 reps, it goes pretty fast.
Good Luck!

Thanks Chad. I know when yall design a program you design everything for a reason and that is why I wanted to ask.