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A Public Service Announcement

It’s “lose fat” not “loose fat”. For Freebie: It’s “dude”, not “dood”. For a couple of others: there’s…no…reason to… put periods…all over the…place …like this. If you spell like a seven year old, type your message into Word and run a spell check. Then paste into forum. “Your” and “You’re” are two different words, as are “they’re”, “their”, and “there”.

Just trying to keep our board respectable looking. Anyone want to add other helpful bits of advice?

Although the dictionary now includes “genetics” as a noun, it is properly an adjective, as “genetic.” It means “of or relating to genes.” When someone says “he or she has good genetics,” we should more properly say “he or she has good genes” or “he or she has a good genetic makeup.” I ignore, here, the use of “good.”

GO TEK GO!!! THANK YOU!!! Although, instead of relying on a word processor to spell check, I recommend people actually LEARN to read and write the English language correctly in the first place, and use a spell checker to clean up mistakes. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but it’s very embarrassing when people who have learned English as a second language can write and speak it better than most Americans. If you admit to being lazy, fine. Just don’t get mad when no one takes your posts seriously.

yeh man, I hAt those fukker’s who rite like that yo…I hope i aint 1 of them yo…fo reel…

Liten up Fransis ya gramar speaking spell checking fag… ha ahaaa… … Less see here how much can I fuck this up. Sinse I know you wil not pay attentino to what is said and only to gramar and spelling taht means you a petty and most likely what usually follows is dim… haa haaaa… Don’t bother responding to me I think this is funny and view you and others like you hooked on phonics as funny as helll. Even with all the mistakes I made I bet you still got the gist… haa aha…

It’s not alot it’s a lot. That’s A space LOT!

Thanks tek…Couldn’t live with out you.

I know some people are anal about little things like you just said…but to me who cares…i am here to learn about nutrition, training, drugs, etc…not about english and grammar.later


Tek…WTF is you’re problem dood. Are you some kindo gay ENGlish/gramar nazi?..and …another…thing, you can k.m.a my frend.This sight is 4 everybodie too bee able to poast and recieve help. who gives shit if they dont not use perfect grammar. Get a fukin’ life…this aint no college paper we be handin’ in foe a grade…we just want to get our ideaz across to other bb’ers. We doesnt need a heap o’ shit bc we dont right to your level. If i am trying to loose fat, who gives a shit as long as my point gets accross?..type it in word and paste it in here…for who, you? eat me. u took mufasa’s post straight to th ehead. this dont be your forum, so dont think your the mofo popo. And I AM a collage grad who writes and speaks w/perfect grammar, and I didnt type this in wurd bc i wanted the errors… so hopefully it wuld piss you u off… the way u pissed me off.

taken from dictionary.com:

dude Pronunciation Key (dood, doyd)
Informal. An Easterner or city person who vacations on a ranch in the West.
Informal. A man who is very fancy or sharp in dress and demeanor.
A man; a fellow.
dudes Persons of either sex.

now you understand? good

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this thread makes me! For twenty years, I’ve lived with a teacher of English, so a lot of these posts drive me off the wall (Note: I used the passive tense in this instance because writing that she is an “English Teacher” would imply that she is from England). What drives me nuts is that if some people devoted as much time to education as they do to lifting, this thread wouldn’t be necessary. Nonetheless, in today’s society, knowledge of even the most basic elementary grammar is essentially obsolete in well over half the population. The “loose fat” and “there” variations are definitely pretty bad, but let’s not forget “to, too, and two” and “than and then.”
If I owned a business and was hiring, I would not hire anyone with such inadequacies. Similarly, if I was a client, I would make sure that my personal trainer could spell before I entrusted my body to him. Thank you, TEK, for making my day.

As a little aside, “Fitone” has been posting a lot lately. With all due respect to your knowledge of diet and training, I am yet to understand a single thing you have written.

TEK, your absolutely rite. (Kidding). PS. What are these ‘steriods’ people talk about?

some advice for u:
d00d, get over yourself

The point is that a lot of people won’t respond to a post, especially one on the steroid forum, if the person posting sounds like an idiot or a nine year old - or a nine year old idiot for that matter. I give this advice not to put down others but to help them write a post that gets a serious response. I also give this advice because I hate that “meathead” stereotype of lifters and those that write like idiots don’t help much.

Mistakes happen, no big deal. I’ve made plenty in my posts, but when a person chooses to write “ur” instead of “your” or chooses to spell phonically (dood!) then he or she just comes off as lazy, and lazy people seldom get taken seriously or get their questions answered by those in the know.

And Freebie, “dood” is the phonic pronunciation. It’s not meant as an alternative spelling. Next public service announcement: How To Use The Dictionary.

And by the way, I mean no offense to those who speak English as a second language or who, in fact, really are nine year old kids with learning problems. (But kids, you should really stay off the drug forum, okay?)

Typing in all caps = bad and rude. (screaming)

Yeah, while we’re at it, it’s “piqued my interest” not “peaked my interest.”

no actually I didn’t mean to imply that I use “dood” because that is how it is pronouced, but because I use “dood” since dude doesn’t clearly enough convey my message. So I had to invent (tho I’m sure I’m not the first) the word “dood” to convery my message across. Also sometimes I use the term “female dood” meaning a woman to get people to scratch their heads and go “wtf?”

I hate “u” instead of “you” too. Now that’s lazy! We won’t even talk about “4” instead of “four” or “for”.

Good start, but it will take more than good spelling and good grammar to keep this respectable. No f___, shi__, no name-calling when crossed, no taking anonymous postings so personal, and no b____ when referring to females, too?