A Proposed Cycle

Hi guys I have been training for a while now. I have been approached by a well known member of my gym who offered his services with sorting me out some gear 4 months ago. He is a competitive bodybuilder on a very small regional level. I have in the past followed his advised cycles as I thought he knew what he was talking about. He started me on my first Dianabol 4 week cycle of 50mg a day for 4 weeks. I actually kept a fair bit of the weight I gained during this time… and I have also kept most of the strength gains. My main focus however is to gain more muscle mass.

Half way through my second d-bol cycle (which I carried out without any estrogen control just like the first…) surprise surprise I got symptoms of gyno (itchy nipples). I stopped the cycle ASAP and saw a doctor. Luckily the itchiness disappeared within a few days and I have no other signs of gyno.

My source is very limited with the products he can get hold of in terms of estrogen control and anabolic steroids… however I am fairly happy that what he can get is of a good standard… he has proposed a different cycle and I wanted to run it by you guys for some feedback.

My stats:
I am 24, I have been lifting heavy for 4 years.
height: 5,8
weight: 85 kg (just over 12 stone)
Bench press 1rm: 264
Dead lift 1rm: 396
Squat 1rm: 330

Proposed cycle:

Week 1: (250mg Sus, 200mg Deca)
Week 2: (500mg Sus, 400mg Deca)
Week 3: (500mg Sus, 400mg Deca)
Week 4: (250mg Sus, 200mg Deca)

PCT Nolva: 40/40/20/20
I will also be taking Nolva at 20mg per day during the cycle. I bought Liquid Letra so I will have it at hand in case any gyno signs crop up during the cycle.

Personally from what I have read I think I would prefer an 8 week cycle keeping the dose around 400mg Sus, 400mg Deca would this be any better?

at first glance i ask myself “where’s the test??”
also are those 1rm in kilos like your weight, or pounds?

Hah i wish the 1rms were in kilos… they are in pounds. No i asked about test my source can’t get any. As i said he is a little limited as to what he can get.

[quote]iron.dragon wrote:
at first glance i ask myself “where’s the test??”
also are those 1rm in kilos like your weight, or pounds?[/quote]

If you look at a cycle that has sustanon in it and you ask yourself “where is the test” you probably shouldnt be posting in this forum offering advice. Unless it was a joke.

OP your cycle is terrible.

Your plan for estrogen control is compltely backwards.

Wait until you have enough supplies to do a proper cycle with the very long estered drugs you’ve chosen.

Using deca in a first cycle is also silly.

point taken
should’ve had my nap first haha

BONEZ thanks for the advise. I will do more research into Deca however it is recommended as part of a novice cycle on www.steroid.com/novicecycle2.php. Would it be better to just do the Sust and maybe do .25 mg of Letra ED during the cycle and the standard Nolva 40/40/20/20 for PCT?

I am a little limited with sources for steroids and cant financially afford to risk getting fake stuff of the net. I think the main products that are available to me are Sust, Deca, D-bol, and Anvar. I am also thinking about getting LiquiDEX from the net as its not too pricey. Again i don’t want to construct the most efficient cycle ever i just want to do what i can with what is at hand as safely as possible.

You had gyno issues before and you want to use deca/test?? And run it for 4 weeks???

For you it could be like gyno in a bottle with no gains lol. Very bad advice.

And as far as compeditors knowing what there talking about…I had an above National level compeditor tell me…Eq is the same as deca, just a fast acting version of it…

Im glad I know much better than to listen to this sort of shit!

You need to research for yourself so you can make a better decisions for your own health and/or
compounds and should keep estrogen low all cycle if gyno prone. Or have enough serm to use continuous if you have to.

And find another source if you have to!

You have so much research to do it is not funny. If you are going to use a product like sustanon you either need to take it once every two weeks (like it was designed to be taken) or inject it every day or Every other day, like people who know how to use steroids do it.

You also need to use less deca durabolin than test, as it acts like a progestin in some parts of the body.

Don’t just listen to what some guy in the gym or on the net tells you, do some real research and learn for yourself. You have already had one scare with growing breast tissue, what else do you think could possibly happen???