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A Program That Has Worked for Me

Hello all

I just wanted to share a program that I personally have had very good results with. I am posting it to recommend to others as well as hear your critiques on it.

It is a full body 3 days a week plan, which I know makes it under fire already, but my college gym has pathetic summer hours and with my summer work I can only fit times in 3 days a week. I usually am on a split routine (and was previously for quite some time), so maybe the change alone is responsible for my gains. But I have been doing it all summer and have had significant gains in strength of the big three and gained a solid 6 lbs while eating a slightly above maintenance diet.

Here it is and let me know what you think:


A. Deadlift
B2.Weighted wide grip pullups or pulldowns
C1.Biceps preferred exercise
C2.Calf raises on leg press
C3.Lateral raises


A. Back Squat
B1.Shoulder Press (Standing with DB or BB)
B2.Horizontal row (seated cable, t bar, or bent over)
C1.Different biceps exercise
C2.Standing calf machine
C3.Triceps exercise


A. Front Squat
B1.BB Bench
B2.Weighted chins
C1.Different yet biceps exercise
C2.Donkey calf raises
C3.Leg curl

Each exercise is kind of done by feel. Usually its 3-4 sets working in a 10,8,6,4 type of pattern increasing the weight each set.

My rationale was to cover the basics with the first 3 exercises of each day with the “money” exercises. The following 3 exercises were basically determined by my own preference. I feel my biceps and calves are lagging, so I wanted to hit them with a higher frequency. So I leave the last 3 exercises of the workout for your own individual preferences on what you feel needs improvement.

Let me know what you guys think. I wanted to share something that has worked for me and hopefully could work for some of you too. I have done enough stuff wrong in my training career (read my earliest innocent posts when I was a complete newb), that I wanted just to share something that I feel may be helpful. It may not be as ideal as some body part splits, but this program has definately worked for me.