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A Private Question


But before I ask about something I put together as a first cycle, I do have an important question from some vets. Send me a message, it is something I'd rather not put on public display.



Ok, to break it down. This is my first "real" cycle that I'm gonna have a go at. Messed around in the past with some test, but I really want to do it correctly this time around

Sustanon - 750mg/week: Week 1-8
D-bol - 30mg/day: Week 1-6
Tren - 75mg/day: Week 1-8

Input is welcome!



For me, and I assume others, it would be helpful to get a picture of you exp with aas, training, your stats, your goals, and any concerns you may have.

For instance, you saying your first "real" cycle is not specific enough for one to judge how necessary such levels of AAS would be for you to benefit from them, or how well tolerated such levels and such AAS might be.


Got it, I'll follow up later.