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A Pre-MMA Workout Routine


I would like to have any suggestions, critiques, or changes for this general strength and conditioning routine. I plan to do this for anatomical adaptation, circuit routine for 6 weeks before starting MMA training again after a layoff. Each strength exercise is performed with 10 reps and 3 circuit rounds once a day with no rest between exercises but, 5 minute rests between circuits. I am 27 years old, 200lbs, 6'0'' tall, resting heart of 68 beats per minute, 10% body fat, and I have 16 years of experience with strength and conditioning training off and on.

5 min jumping rope
3 x sprint 30sec rest 90sec
3 x sprint 20sec rest 60sec
3 x sprint 10sec rest 30sec

5 min warm up: jumping rope
db bench press: 50lbs
db bent over row: 50lbs
incline db bench press: 50lbs
pull ups: bodyweight
dips: bodyweight
db shrugs: 75lbs
db upright external rotation: 10lbs
plank: 30sec
side planks: 30sec each
superman: 30sec

jumping rope: 15min
interval running: 15min
stairlimber: 15min

5 min warm up: jumping rope
reverse grip pull up: bodyweight
close grip barbell bench press: 135lbs
db rotating curls: 35lbs
tricep pushdown: 120lbs
reverse grip curls: 75lbs
db calf raise: 70lbs
wrist curls: 20lbs
donkey calf raise: 90lbs
reverse wrist curls: 15lbs
decline sit up russian twists: 25lb medicine ball
cable wood chops: 50lbs
lever seated hip raise crunch: 60lbs

row machine: 15min
eliptical: 15min
bike: 15min

5 min warm up: jumping rope
barbell squat: 135lbs
db shoulder press: 35lbs
barbell straight leg deadlift: 135lb
db upright row: 35lbs
db lunge (5 forward and 5 backwards): 40lbs
db front lateral raise: 15lbs
barbell good-mornings: 100lbs
db front lateral raise: 15lbs
hip adduction: 200lbs
hip abduction: 200lbs




Just go back to training MMA. Nothing prepares you for it, and you'll still be winded until your body adapts again.

If you got all this experience, I'd think you'd know that by now...


You stumped us, there is not one single flaw in this entire routine.



Wouldn't you think it would help to do cardio, and come into training in shape vascularly, where your blood is delivering oxygen and nutrients the most efficiently throughout your body. In addition, doing some strength training to prevent injury in the long run by strengthening your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. Also, maybe giving you a competitive edge and giving more focus to technical and tactical training.


Blah blah blah. Fact is, skill training is the most important thing. Yea, being in good shape is a great thing, and going in with decent wind is a plus.

But you can't replicate the explosive movements like punching, or the static contractions of jui-jitsu (Which I assume will be part of your training) until you're on the mat.

Check out the MMA Training Hub. It's got the routines of a bunch of us, and how we mix it with classes and all.


Thanks for the props man I knew I could do it!


Just a couple of thoughts. After reading this, I might include the sprint work into my routine. If you're inclined to re-establish a foundation, Ags, this would be a good one. Just a few questions, though. When are you looking to start competing? It sounds like you're in decent shape as is, so what caused the layoff?

I would consider what Fighting Irish is saying, however, I will attempt to be a lil more tactful. Why not incorporate this training with your MMA training? I'm being very objective here, by-the-way. I recently just started working out again after returning from Iraq and my subsequent vacation. It's rough to say the least. I'm taking things slow and steady as I've yet to settle down.

I try to split my workouts in twos or threes on a daily basis (5 days). Mornings are for my cardio, calisthenics, and complexs. Lunch is weights (PLs, OLs) and the evening is for MMA training. So far, I'm managing to get the first two, but since I'm getting ready to leave CSprings for DC, I haven't committed to training MMA, as I don't want to enter into a "good" situation if I'm leaving in a matter of days. Your thoughts?

-Beast (Or just call me D)


I just read something today that seemed to fit your situation:

"To paraphrase one combat veteran, "five minutes of real combat is worth months of basic training."

So true.


7:30- three Morningstar veggie breakfast bites. a tomato w/salt. 24 oz coffee with whole milk.

11- a handful of trail mix.

12:30- hotdogs and baked beans. Ice water.

5- a handful of salted peanuts.

5:30- salmon cakes w/mustard to dip in, potatoes au gratin, brussel sprouts in Olivio. A cup of green tea, then half a liter of seltzer.

7:30- 3-4 oz 1 percent milk.


Will be doing beginner’s fatburning HIIT workout: 30 seconds high intensity, 30 seconds low intensity x 6.

High intensity:
panther walk
alternating scissor crunches
hand walk outs
reach backs with two 5lb dumbbells.
Low intensity: shadow boxing

stretching pre-work out.


walked around Lowes for an hour.
gardened for several hours
took the girls to the park.


Nice to know I can get back on the program after a day like yesterday.

I was able to get out of the water exercise class.

the above workout must be the real deal because I’ve been dreading the panther walk all day.

All day my knee felt fine, until now.