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A Powerlifting Life Part 1


I figured I'll dedicate this to everybody who's got a passion for moving big weight.
Competitive or non competitive. Regardless of training approach or experience this thread is open to anyone and everyone looking for PRs, motivation and ideas and training discussion in general.

To start, I'm 18 years old and have become more serious by the day about lifting since middle school. I'm a high school athlete who loves the weight room just as much if not more sometimes than the football field or anything else.

Some of my motivation comes from the strength that I see and read about on this site. To name a few... StormTheBeach, Synergy, Professor X, BigMak, Spar4tee, ParagonA, and many more!
I love reading the spills from Jim Wendler, occasionally looking in on the Indigo Project and learning from CT, and reading about all the different programs and methods that are out there.
I'm into reading about conjugate training currently, and I'm obsessed with programming; simplifying shit to make it more applicable to my own training.

I train 5 days a week, normally for around 45 min. to an 1hr & 30 min. I spin my wheels 3 days a week, and hit my upper body two days. Sometimes I'll bench twice a week, or dedicate a day to both bench pressing and over head pressing.

Right now my maxes are:
Bench Press - 335
Back Squat - 525
Overhead Press - 205(I'd like to put on at least 50 more lbs to the bar, that would be solid)
Power Clean - 240/245 on a good day.

I'm a 500+ squatter @ a bw of around 185. Currently I'm sitting at around 170-175, I love lifting heavy and I love prioritizing my legs. My other lifts seem to go when I take a few weeks/months to center things around the back squat.

Right now, I've prioritized the front squat, in effort to work past 315 with a clean grip and increase my power clean.
I'm squatting and cleaning 3 days a week, Monday Wednesday Friday. Monday is a lighter/speed day ... sometimes I'll treat it as a true DE day with accommodating resistances, but for the most part it's a day for me to just drill technical proficiency. I'll also use bottom up squats, pause squats, and wide stance to a low box.
On Wednesday, I use front squats for my max effort day, and on Friday, I use back squats for higher reps. This has proven to be a great way to focus on 3 components of strength during the week, and keep my legs working hard and often. I've been following this set up for around a month and a 1/2 and I've made some tremendous PRs.

I've gone from a 205 to 290 in my front squat, and have taken 315x18 so far ass to floor for my back squats. The biggest obstacle to overcome has been my breathing and keeping the damn bar on my back!
How ever, once I reach 315 for my front squat, I'd like to get back to heavy work for my back squat and am thinking about using Smolov!

I've been into Rob Wolfs Paleo Solution, clean of whole grains for about 2 months. My diet consist of nothing but lean meats (fish, red meat, turkey & chicken) fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese and nuts. (occasionally I'll splurge on some sushi with the girl friend :slightly_smiling:
I've trimmed up from this past football season down to a healthy, lighter and stronger weight.

I don't take any supplements besides a vitamin and some fish oil here and there. I drink a lot of different coffee from Fresh Market as well as organic whole milk.

I do a lot of mobility work/stretching both before and after I lift, whether it be an upper or lower body day. I try to avoid fatigue throughout the week until Friday comes and I can be sore for the weekend. This is typically when I'll enjoy an Epson salt bath or hot tub. I enjoy a hot cup tea before bed and some foam rolling.

Feel free to post you're own program write ups or training preferences/ideas, diets, recovery habits, post motivational videos, ask questions, state goals and aspirations. Write about anything you want, you could be answering someone's questions and giving inspiration.

Call it a log for the power lifting community.


Have you thought about competing in the near future? Your squat would easily top the raw record for the 18-19 year old 181s in several feds. Put that video up if you got it.


I have. I've never done a meet outside of high school. We only compete using the bench press and clean and jerk. I'd like to try like an amateur meet and learn more about it.

In regards to the video, I wish I had one. The 500 PR was set last spring, and I about blew a gasket getting out of the whole. No body thought to get it on a cell phone or anything like that so I apologize.

Consequently, I suffered a terrible groin pull. More like a lower abdominal strain that set me back a week or two in the beginning of football. Eventually it eased up to where I could run, and tolerate it. So I've stopped working with heavy singles & doubles all together. Heavy back squats aggravate it. I don't know what it is, maybe the muscles are weak in my lower abdomen (I never did enough ab work) Front squats are the only thing that doesn't pose a problem I've noticed. My core gets stronger all together, and it makes direct ab work a whole lot less painful now.
However, now that I'm playing around more with heavy back squats I've been experiencing a bit more discomfort again in my pelvic area. It pulls when I sit up in bed just using my upper half, its a bitch to do decline sit ups, and lunges bother it also. I don't know what the deal is. Doctor said it was just weak ligaments and tendons in the pelvic wall, but this little diagnosis was MONTHS ago.

Right now, I could probably hit a solid 425, 450 if I push it. I'm hesitant to do anything other than higher reps though. I would like some input on this situation as well from you guys .


Tendons and ligaments take a long time to heal. Have you been doing rehab work for it? Boring I know, but it would probably help.


When did you get 525?


525 was shortly after with a buddy of mine, in that time span that you barely heard from me on Tnation lol

EDIT: Yes i have been doing some therapy. Mobility/stretching, icing when it's aggravated. In the beginning of it I was on a medication to reduce the inflammation in that area, but it didn't help the problem.


Your lifts are truly inspirational for your age and weight. May I ask just how tall are you?


A while back I injured my knee (a sprain I think). I was limping and shit pretty much all night. I had really bad inflammation. I put on one of my knee sleeves for extra support and of course it made the knee even hotter. I took some painkillers and went to sleep, and upon waking the next day, the pain and inflammation was gone (the knee was still a tad bit weak) but I was essentially healed. What I'm getting at is the inflammation probably aided the healing process because I know of people having similar injuries and having lingering inflammation. I'm not a MD or anything, but I do know that people have been researching whether the inflammatory response is in fact an effective healing measure.


I hope this thread doesn't turn into another one-on-one conversation between us.


LMFAO! We got some viewers, lets get everyone in here for discussion. You have my number... just text me for a conversation damnit lol


time for seriousness


I reread the OP and saw that I inspire you. WAT?! It's the other way around buddy.


Great log Chase! I'll be following. You're a strong guy.


Whats your front squat workout look like at the moment? I found front squat holds with heavier weight helped as assistance. Also several sets with the top weight of the day instead of 1 max effort set to get extra practice.


Thank you! And well it's a life long pursuit. Glad to have you as part of an audience


The holds are a great idea. I've used them myself as an over-load component after my main sets.
As for the workout ... it's basic. I use a clean grip, and work up to a 3-6 rep max. Once I reach a comfortable 3, I start hitting single rep sets @ my top weight with 30 sec. rest intervals. I do as many sets as I can. Similar to some of CT's methods.
Depending on how I feel, I might back off 20-40 lbs and do anywhere from 2-5 sets of max reps.
Also, I power clean on this day before go to the rack. I'm doing full cleans, so that way I'm working technique and getting in GPP. It warms my knees up, and catching the bar in a front squat position serves as extra sets.

If I'm feeling really gravy, I'll do a full cleans with front squat emphasis. Basically I'll keep the power cleans light enough for me to work my form , but heavy enough for me to hit a smooth double with after that initial catch. This is also a great warm up. And from here, I would continuously ramp into heavier front squats in the rack. Eventually I'll work up to a weight I can't pull from the floor but I can front squat. Ask me how that one works! haha


Almost didn't notice you up there Alffi! Thank you very much. You guys are really more of an inspiration for me than I could hope to ever be for anyone else. I was glancing over Alpha's log today and few others in the PR thread who have incredible numbers... I wish I could post some real competition for you guys.

Currently I'm sitting at 5'9 1/2 and fluctuating between Clean bulking my way back up to a leaner 185-190. Having the discipline to stay within my nutritional obligations and diet right is more challenging than getting my but in the weight room every day. I LOVE food lol. Eating a lot of the "good fats" and such is the real obstacle when I home starving and just want a big ole pasta dish.

Thank you for the encouragement, glad to have you as a viewer!
I will be starting a more personal log that you can follow in regards to my day to day training, diet, etc.

Thanks again!


Was that front squat with wraps? I got 355 a while back with wraps, and my best gym squat is 475.


No it was not, I might just go buy myself a pair of wraps for Christmas though now that you mention it!

Strong lifts man!


yeah but at competitions, you get redlighted for doing a power curtsey...unfortunately...