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A Powerlifter that Might Switch to Oly Lifting


Hey guys, as the thread title says, I'm a Powerlifter that might switch over to your style of weightlifting. I have a legion of Oly Lifters at my gym that are starting to convince me to train with them. I might after the meet that I'm doing in March. My question is where to begin in order to prepare myself for it, i.e. stretching, getting a broomstick to practice, programming to look at, etc.

Much appreciated guys.


Ideally the first step would be to find an oly coach in your area.

If you're seriously considering this, then I would also be doing some more flexibility/mobility work (shoulders/hips/ankles are likely good joints to focus on, though it's impossible to say for certain knowing nothing about you besides the fact that you're a powerlifter) while you're preparing for your powerlifting meet in March, especially if you have difficulty doing a proper full overhead squat right now.


Coaching is not a problem for me, the gym owner is certified to teach, and there's a legion of oly lifters at my gym.

What are general stretches to help with doing an overhead squat?


Start here:

These videos:

Read and get the gist of training:
-notice how he has 6 workouts a week, instead of 3.
-lotta hang lifts from bellow the knee

And as Donny Shankle says: "attack heavy weights everyday"


Det... awesome dude. But I've seen you in BOI, you are one strong powerlifter. Are you not liking powerlifting that much right now?


Just start. The rest kinda falls into place as you progress.


From experience - stretch a lot. Then stretch more. You ll have to re-learn the back squat too.


You're awesome


Not at all, I'm getting for a meet as we speak, but my new gym just recently moved into a bigger location, and the gym owner advertised it quite a lot, where a bunch of Oly lifters found the place because of it. According to them, they have quite a few good guys on their team that compete at high levels, and were also telling me I have a good build for the Clean.

Also, I actually started lifting because I wanted to do Olympic Lifting if you can believe it, but never found a good coach or a team, so to suddenly train alongside 20 Olympic Lifters was too hard to just pass up.


Windmills with arms

with all of these: START SLOW AND BUILD SPEED OVER THE REPS, aim for 30-35

1: stand tall, swing arms backwards SLOWLY, increase speed as and when you feel more warmed up and looser. Aim for about 30-35 swings. MAKE SURE YOUR ARMS BRUSH YOUR EARS ON EACH SWING. This will GREATLY help your shoulder mobility

Body rotations
Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart. Have your arms out to your side so your making a T with your arms. Rotate to your left, stopping as you can see directly behind yourself. DO NOT OVER ROTATE BEHIND THIS POINT. Now rotate to your right and stop DIRECTLY BEHIND YOURSELF. Repeat but as you get more 'warmed up' rotate around faster but ALWAYS stopping behind yourself. Your head turns with your arms and body.

I do 1 and 2 myself.

Leg Swings
I would recommend you also swing more on the way back also' to warm up your hip flexor/ groin area more. He doesn't really do that in the video but I would commend it. STAND TALL. DO NOT LEAN FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS as that will GREATLY CUT DOWN the effect of the dynamic stretching exercise.

Side-to-Side Leg Swings
I don't do the rest of what he does personally so I can't say if they are good or bad, but you give it a go and see if it benefits you.

I believe the leg swings and side to side leg swings will help you the most along with post traing static stretching.

I then do 2 other stretches for my back
I lie on my front and do bum flicks for about 15x or so.

I lie on my front and bend my knees to make a 90* angle. I move my knees from side to side. These are to help warm up my lower back.

I warm up my wrists by putting my hands together and moving them.

All the lifters at the club do the same stretches and all are supple. It just takes time.

Do this 3-4x a day.

But something to worry about if your peaking for your meet is that the extra mobility may upset your PL groove.

Keep us up to date!



No amount of swinging did fuck all for me, the pendlay idea of sitting in the bottom position and jamming your knees out has been the most important one imo. If I could only do one thing to warm-up, that would definitely be it.


Start REALLY training your abs. That is all.


How so?


He's right, start training your abs every day after lifting. Your bread and butter should be:

Front/side planks (weighted eventually)
Ab rollouts
Hanging leg raise
GHR Sit-up


It kept my back in one piece when doing the Russian Back Squat Routine.