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A Powerful Chest


Hey i've just recently started working out, i think i've got the squat and deadlift rountine nailed but was wondering if you guys have suggestions for building strength in the chest

I've heard 5x5 bench presses and clap pushups are good but wanted to get more opinions????

Like i said i've just recently started so my 1 rep max is only 200 at the minute. Anyone got a good routine for me to follow?
Thanks in advance


Bench is more than just "chest." It's a combination of lats, triceps, front delts, leg drive, and lastly, chest. Just do 5/3/1. Spend $20 and get the book. Also, watch "So You Think You Can Bench" on YouTube. Dave Tate explains the bench perfectly. There's too much to say online, it'd just be easier in person.



thanks for the tip mate!


Why not go to the beginner section? Go read the stickies.


I like building up with 5/4/3/2/1, raising 5lbs each time (and each week on he whole thing). When you fail a set, try to finish the day and next week drop 15 to 20lbs and start again. Its pretty similar to Wendler's. Also skullcrushers.


sounds like a solid starategy man, thanks!
Any other ideas?