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A Poll: Prices


Can I get actual paid amounts on a couple things?

Test250/10ml - (mexico) - ?
Test400/10ml - (Denkal) - ?
Boldenone/10ml - (SYD) - ?
Wintstrol/10ml - (SYD) - ?
10IU hGH - ?

I've found prices all over the place online, but unsure what's really accurate when considering a Mexico transaction. A source recently asked 200+ for a test250/10ml bottle- that's insane..am I right?



Holy Sh*t bro!!! You are going to make someone a very wealthy person.

A 10ml bottle of Test-e at 250mgs/ml should be somewhere between $20 and $50 per bottle.

I got a price on a 30ml bottle of EQ 200mgs/ml for $75.00 (granted that was on sale)

Anyway, I hope this helps.



How's Maine? I grew up in Portland.

Anyway - yeah, I won't mention how much I paid for my first cycle..about a month ago..because it's embarrassing.

I appreciate the feedback on that.