The evil IOC and other interest groups want to ban andro products, ephedra, and even creatine. Congress will be back in session on January 7, and the first category of supplements  facing a ban are the andro products, which includes MAG-10. Everyone please visit the United Supplement Freedom Association at www.usfa.biz which discusses the ban and has a link to contact your members of Congress so that you can fight bill H.R. 5564. You must send as many e-mails and letters as you possibly can this month because we are almost out of time. Never have so many great supplements been available to us over-the-counter. Protect your legal right to purchase them by visiting www.usfa.biz or risk losing your right to buy them in the United States!  

Thanks for the reminder and the link, Mark. I’ve already hit our representatives once and now’s a good time to do it again. Get out there and have your voices heard, T-Nation! It never ceases to amaze me how people will sit around and not voice their opinions and then bitch like crazy when it’s too late and the damage has been done. And I’ve been guilty of it, too. So put down your post-workout drink for a few minutes, hop on the internet, and let your congressperson know exactly what you think. It’s easy, and doesn’t take long at all!

Just a friendly reminder to get those emails out to your reps! Do you like your creatine? Hmmm? mamann

Hi Mark. It appears that some of your chosen allies are weak sheep, and are unwilling or too lazy to do jack all about this.

Could you please tell people an easy way to find out which politicians they should be contacting to voice their opinion?

Please note that I’m a Canadian, and can only silently watch and not really care!

Your respective Senators can be found here:

U.S. Senate: Request not Accepted - Security Risk Detected contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Space after “general/” and “contact”. A forum search should reveal a form letter you can send to them.

Great idea El Mac. Looks like we need to make this as easy as possible for everyone. T-Nation – just go to Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION and scroll halfway down TC’s Atomic Dog and you’ll see a link for Senate and a link for Congress to click on and find the person for your State/District.

Actually, I’m amazed that no one seems to give a rat’s ass about voicing our opinion as the T-Nation about how ludicrous it is to ban these supplements. Wasn’t this one of the ideas of forming the “T-Nation” – to attempt to form some political clout when needed? Doesn’t work if you don’t use it!

search other threads for info. This thread is old…

Thanks for the reminder Mark. I think it is important for everyone to contact their representatives; however, I don’t think we really have anything to worry about. From what I understand, most of the backers of the ban on andro products were Democrats, and as you know, they have become the minority party in both the house and the Senate. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth our while to let our voices be heard - loudly and clearly!

congress.org has a great website with email addresses for your representatives- you can even email President Bush, which I did. Even if you don’t use the supplements that are under attack in this bill, it’s a slippery slope with supplements. This could open the door for widespread regulation of all supplements- let’s get a good showing here, T-Nation!!

Just a reminder, You need to contact your House Representative for your district, not your Senator. This bill is going before the House first, (note - “H.R.” 5564).