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A Playlist for Smoke Sessions


Ok, so part of my new position at work is to take fellow counter terrorist guys through smoke sessions and various PT workouts. I have been doing this for a little while while and am loving it, but need ideas for songs and bands for plauylists. i am getting tired of listing to the same songs on my ipod day after day and wanted to know what you would put on a playlist if you were is this position.

i know that there are plenty of music threads here and I have been checking them out. The issue with them is that the guys above my paygrade donh't want to hear "Fuck" screamed 10,000x every day.

The songs don't need to be clean by any means, but something like "killing in the name" where "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" would be out...

So anyone have some suggestions?

thanks in advance everyone...


Don't know what a smoke session is, but here's a couple that I like (seriously).

Make 'em feel like they're in a war movie, or a zombie apocalypse.

O Fortuna (Carmina Burana)


Ride of the Valkyries


Also, if classical ain't your thing:

Fear Factory


Anything by Primus

Just some suggestions.


Personally during a smoke session I like stuff that doesn't have too much 'punchy' bass. Mellow, flowy type stuff I find is best. Even go back a bit and pop in some Bone Thugs n Harmony. I know a lot of people like to listen to Bob Marley, but I'd rather throw in some MF DOOM. Something a bit different. Even good jazz can work.

Oh, not that type of smoke session?


Black Label Society

Check out Grooveshark.com. They have a gazillion songs you listen to & choose from. I have found boatloads of different kinds of music there.


Thanks for the responses everyone



Honestly, that was my first thought, too, but then I saw who the OP was, and thought,''Hmmmm, probably not.''


not sure what kind of speakers you've got, but if we're indoors we'll usually just hook an ipod up to the sound system and punch a song in on pandora.


Yeah, you could do the techno-industrial thing, too.


Front 242

Nitzer Ebb



Pandora is great, itll just keep playing music similar to what you select


anything by Miles Davis between 1968-1972
anything by John Coltrane between 1957-1964
anything by James Brown
The Meters
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Band of Skulls
Dead Kennedys


The only reason I read this thread was because Alpha started it....and I don't think he is using the right term for what he means.

Are you talking about playing music while everyone is in gas masks getting smoked out? If so, we didn't get music, damn it.


Great lyrics on this track imo, pretty intense.


He is using the right terminology, but he is using it as military slang. In the military it is typically used in reference to a physical exercise session where multiple body weight exercises are used to failure to break to body down and generally suck life and will from its victim.

I find that anything by Five Finger Death Punch works well for me. After that anything in the workout music threads are pretty great.


I believe the way alpha is using the term "smoke session" is in reference to a kick your dick in style PT (also known as 'work out' to all you civilians)

Getting 'smoked' is what they call it in the Army... In the Navy it's called getting 'beat' (not sure about Marines?)

What style music do you guys normally listen to Alpha? Is it more hard rock or the death metal/scream style? I like hRd stuff with a catchy melody and if that's what you're looking for I'll post a few of my favorites

EDIT: while I typed out my answer on my phone people already clarified making my post somewhat redundant lol


Anything by The Prodigy


Yeah, i am talking about the suck of body weight PT sessions that will last at least an hour.

We currently are using a lot of metal, noting too hardcore, i.e. there are not pictures of goats getting raped with swords and junk on the Album cover, but similar to 5 Finger Death punch, System of a Down, Rage, Rise against...that kind of stuff.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. And yeah X, we didn't get music for that either...shucks...Although all of the mucas in my body hanging down to my knees did make my heart sing...




LOL. I hated that shit. It was both the worst and best time of my life because it made us all closer as a result...but I coughed for 3 days after that.