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A Plan for Growth Surge Project

OK, I was thinking. Since MOST of us are going to give in to the Holidays, and eat more than we should come Christmas time…Why not schedule your Program so that the Growth Surge portion falls during Christmas week. This way, as long as you still keep protein high, you won’t have to feel nearly as guilty about the few cookies or whatever else tempts you? Of course, this is if you don’t mind training Chritmas day, which I don’t. Sound good?

The publication of these articles did fall at an odd time, we admit. But I like to think that T-men can diet and watch what they eat even during the holidays. Your plan sounds good, and I wouldn’t worry too much about having a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, especially during Stage II. The problem with the holidays has never been eating a couple of good meals, but all the stuff that goes along with it. For example, my wife just whipped up about 15 pies, peanut brittle, fudge and bon-bons and our fridge is packed with this stuff. So my goal is to stay out of this stuff until Thankgiving. Then maybe I’ll have a slice of pie. (And I won’t miss a workout either if one happens to fall on a holiday.) Just don’t use the Holidays as an excuse to eat poorly for the next two months.

I completely agree Chris. I by no means plan to eat poorly all month long. Just enjoy your Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Day, and that’s it.

Just start the Growth Surge Project on the Monday following Thanksgiving. This will give you four weeks to do the first two stages prior to Christmas. Then you just have to follow Part III during Christmas week and New Year’s. This way, you only have one or two days to “worry” about. That’s my plan! Get big before Christmas!