A Physician’s Warning on the Keto Diet

Your kicking keto!

No kicking keto!


This guy ain’t a doctor; he’s a poet. Listen to this: “both patients and physicians alike would behoove themselves to remember that diabetes and obesity are not a product of ketone deficiency but the symptom of caloric excess, dietary indiscretion, and torpor. Let food be thy medicine – but not if it involves a Faustian bargain of your health.”

As someone who is personally ‘keto-minded’, I would say he actually makes many good points. But the quote above, which is the article’s conclusion and one I agree with wholeheartedly, in fact echoes the mantra of the more ‘enlightened’ keto crowd, namely: ‘chase results, not ketones’.

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I’ve been reading some of the older forums, been away from eating appropriately and training for a couple of years, so I’m refreshing my memory on things and such. Of course, while doing this, I noticed this thread, and had to read the tiny opinion piece of one M.D.

He does make a couple of good points, but he also jumps to some conclusions, doesn’t appropriatley explain the origins of the actual ketogenic diet (1920’s used to treat seizure disorders in children), as he seems to confuse a diet that’s focused on read meat, poultry, fish, and mutton meat with veggies and fruit, with the intentional exclusion of not only sugars and breads, but butter, pork, and potatoes as well (1800’s recommended by an ENT doctor/surgeon to a wealthy London citizen for, weight loss. Well on this supposed “keto” diet, he was allowed pudding, alcohol, small amounts of toast or a “little biscuit” with his daily tea and breakfast.
In 1862, William Banting at 66 years old, stood at approximately 5’ 5" and weighed in at 202 Lbs. This was when he started eating the way outlined above.

In 1864, he only weighed 150 Lbs. That’s 52 pounds lost and a reported loss of 12.25 inches off of his waist. That’s over a foot of flab people! (which would have inadvertently incread the length if his junk, they say that for every inch you lose off your waist, your dick will measure .05" to .10" longer. That’s an extra 1.25 inches fro him, Woo-Hoo) In ~2 years, with only changing his eating habits.

Sorry for the rant, my bad.

Anyway, I know lowcarb works for me, and has had no negative impacts on my health over the last decade (with the exception of the last couple to thee years, that I became a typical depressed handicapped person and ate lots of carbs, which led to HBP and morbid obesity).

I’ve used low carb diets in the past, like Atkins, CKD, LCHF style, regular keto, and recently I’ve combined 16:8 IF with low carb high protein, and that sit works like a damned charm!

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when you just keep changing the name of the low carb diet you know it’s a fad

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