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A Petition to Mr. TC Luoma


Mr Luoma, i am but a humble gym rat, and an unremarkable one at that. And, i realize you must be a very busy man, what with all the Taiwanese strippers, "personal" training sessions with the gym bunnies and other professional engagements. But from the bottom of my heart, i miss you sir. I miss all the articles and LiveSpills, without them, i feel a very important part of the T Nation community is missing.

I know that when i first came to this site, the first thing i did was read every last one of your articles. It gave me wisdom and insight on everything from how to man up in the gym, to how to man up in general. Your words have inspired me, and made me laugh my scrawny ass off. Yes there are many great writers and coaches on this site, but you seem to be the missing link in our quest for muscle and strength.

This website has been very good to me and thousands of others. We all have benefited not only from your writings but from the whole site. But goddamn, where you been lately? we need you to liven the place up. I hope its not pretentious of me to ask this of you, but i would love to see another hilarious, kickass, ball busting article from you sir. And keep them coming! So whenever you can find time away from womanizing the greater southern california area, being a beacon of testosterone to a lost sea of men out there, feel free to throw another article our way. its been a while man.

With all due respect and undying appreciation,


At this point i would like to invite everyone who misses the big guys writing to sign this petition and send him a shout out. you know you could use a good kick in the ass from this guy.



A satire on brown nosing would be hilariously appropriate, imo.




I'm sure he will "throw another article your way" around the time you decide to show your appreciation for his efforts by throwing a couple bucks Biotest's way.

Fuckin' noob-ass Level 0's... so much typing, so little sense.


Give him some bootyhole

Bootyhole is like scooby snacks to these people



Where the fuck is my holiday ham?




This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Oh, I see how it is. Shifty bastards stick together.


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one more ham reference push, me and the slow kids in the back still haven't gotten it


Fuck you! You have no idea of the favors that I had to perform for that ham!


Hey! Its fun back here! I get to throw shit at all the kids in the front of the bus!



i was just in south fla last week. banged one of the go-go dancers from off the hookah. luv ft laurderdale.


hit me up next time youre in town!


Maybe he's off writing Atomic Dog Vol. 2.

I didn't forget, TC.


I'm the only other level 0 in here.

If it helps I've bought HOT-ROX twice and MD6 from the guy who imports protein powder here in Taipei.


It's with the publishers last I heard.


No there are three. I've bought HOT-ROX at supp stores too when they used to carry them.

Vitamin Shoppe carries Alpha Male and Seven also. They don't always stock it though.


Fourth level O. Got my Flameout through amamzon. I am truly sorry. Want you back writing here TC, goddammit !



Thanks for the note. Much, much, appreciated.

I've been working on another book, but truth be told, that hasn't restricted my T Nation time at all. Fact is, lately I've been more of a T Nation editor than a writer, but I do need to start putting out some more articles.

In fact, I've got one sitting right here, but I'm not sure I've brought the funny. Nor am I sure I've brought enough usable information.

I'll hack at it, though.

Anyhow, thanks again for the shout out.



That's a nice thought.

People around here used to send me their underwear, at least (girls, mind you).

No more. Sigh.