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A Perfect Fat?


I'm looking for a Fat that has no carbs, and no protein. Can anyone give me suggestions?


Are you fucking serious? Fat, by definition, has no carbs of protein in it... Do you mean source of fat? Fish oil, olive oil perhaps?


Also looking for it to not bee too caloric.


Ya a source of Fats. Almonds have protein and Carbs, same with peanut butter, I'm looking for something that is pretty much fat only, and not overly caloric am I dreaming?


You haven't looked very hard.

Just pick any oil.

I'm partial to olive and coconut.

All fats have approximately 9 calories per gram, however.


Fat is the most calorie dense macronutrient... so finding a low calorie source doesn't make much sense.


What do you mean by overly caloric? Most of the oils are pretty close in terms of calories per gram. Butter seems to be the lowest of the list below, maybe you could suck on a stick of that.

What are you hoping to achieve?

Fish oil ~ 9 cals/gram

Walnut Oil ~8.8 cals/gram

Butter ~ 7.2 cals/gram

Olive oil ~ 8.8 cals/gram

Peanut oil ~ 8.8 cals/gram


You're looking for a food source which contains only fat but isn't high in calories? Yes, you're dreaming...

Stupid first post I know, but felt a strong urge to respond


aaaaand next topic?


This reminds me of the guy at my gym who complained that he couldn't find a zero-calorie protein shake.





IMAGINARY zero calorie protein shake...