A party other than DEM or GOP

Can some of you more opinionated people take to following Political Quiz? I would be curious to see where some of you fit.



in the direction of left-liberal

No surprise to me I came out as Libertarian.

I have some other beliefs that weren’t part of the quiz that are in direct opposition to Libertarian philosophy though. It was a very short, therefore not very thorough, quiz.

centist, very close to authoritarian/ left liberal



“Left-Liberals prefer self-government in personal matters and central decision-making on economics. They want government to serve the disadvantaged in the name of fairness. Leftists tolerate social diversity, but work for economic equality.”


Libertarians are self-governors in both personal and economic matters. They believe government’s only purpose is to protect people from coercion and violence. They value individual responsibility, and tolerate economic and social diversity.

That’s me. (Although I generally vote R because of their fiscal priorities and their relative likelihood of actually instituting policy vs the Dems.)

That quiz is crap and let me give you a few reasons why.

  1. It is put out by a libertarian action group. Funny enough, about a thrid of people who take the quiz end up libertarian…hmmm…I wonder how that could be?

  2. It uses 10 variables to determine where you stand on issues. Of those 10 variables, you only have one of three choices. Furtherore, each of the statements is a strong statement that must be positive, negative or neutral.

  3. It makes all issues equal. This is not a realistic way to determine where somebody stands. For example, you might not believe one thing as strong as another and this does not allow you to weight answers.

  4. It gives you conclusions to your beliefs before you can decide. For example “Minimum wage laws cause unemployment. Repeal them.” Well, maybe I think that the market should dictate wages, does that mean that the rule shouldn’t apply to me.

  5. All of the answers are binary in the sense that if you don’t like something, you must go all of the way. For example, maybe you think that government should not control radio, TV, or the internet, but you do think that there should be regulations to protect children, consumers, etc. I hardly think you would be a die hard libertarian then.

It’s a fun political trick to convince 30% of people that they are libertarian, but that’s about all. I wouldn’t put any stock in it.

I came out to be a pistillate philanthropist.

Listed me as a centrist.

No statement.

I was just curious. I ended up as a Right-conservative. I’m not sure that I agree with their little quiz. If anyone has a better one I would like to take it. My purpose for this was to see if there would be any discussion about strengthening a party other than the two. It would be nice to see some competition that would force a change between the party lines.

Me Solomon Grundy

Far left liberal.

That quiz needs to be about 500 questionst to be accurate.