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A One Time Supp. Purchase in Desperation


Ok, quick backstory. My wife left me, and I can no longer afford my supps. No big deal, I know I dont need them, but there are ones I think should be included in my cabinet. My mom sent me some money to get me on my feet, and I think I can afford about 100 bucks for a good purchase.

It will be a one time purchase, beucase I honestly dont know when I would ever be able to afford these things again, so I guess you could say I am looking for bang for the buck in quantity.

Currently I have a bottle of Flameout that I am saving if I need it for injury or something. I have a bottle of cheaper fish oil from costco (mom sent me a care package) and a bottle of costco glucosamine. I have about 4 scoops of Metabolic Drive left and nearly a full tub of Surge left. I am on the AD diet again so the Surge just sits there, I love the stuff so I try and shoot for prs or some GPP or something on the weekends so I can use it. I have half a tub of creatine left, I dont know if it does anything more for me than makes me retain water but its cheap. I have about 1/3 a bottle of BCAA's left. BCAA's are probably the one thing that I really think are worth the money. I like the Metabolic Drive in a pinch if I dont have time to cook, I can make a shake wiht that, eggs, cream flax and oil and im good to go.

Anyway, with what I have, and the money I have, I was thinking about buying 2 bottles of bcaas and maybe a tub of Metabolic Drive. I am wondering what anyone elses opinions are on the subject.

I am not your broke college student. Spending this 100 bucks wont break me, at least at the moment. Its not going to keep me from eating, or paying my mortage. I am not looking to spend it on gimicky supps, or something that I will use in a month. I understand supps are not "required" or whatever, but if I dont use this money now, it will go to other things that I may need for the house like bathroom items (she took everything from the spare bathroom). So I have a few bucks to spend one some frivilous things if you will, and I would like to skim off the top for some quality needed supps like some BCAAs.

So whats your take?


Couple tubs of whey should be on the list........


if your mom is giving you money to get on your feet, buying supps shouldn't be on your list right now


more fish oil if you will run out soon, nothing is better for general health



and my ex took EVERYTHING!


Your mom is sending you money to help you out of your current situation and you intend to buy supplements?



Buy several tubs of un-flavored whey, not only will it do the body good but it is actual food and will help you appear not to be such a douche for spending mommy's money on supplements at a time like this.


Did you read your thread before you posted it? Your wife left, you are broke, your mom is sending you money, and you are worried about a one time supplement purchase? I suggest you seek professional help.


If I were you, I'd see if Mom could throw just another $24.95 my way and spring for a bottle of 11-T.

[EDIT] After reading your post below, I would like to change my recommendation to a couple bottles of Z-12. You sound like you could use some restful sleep.


I really think i need to stop making posts in many different shots in my spare time at work. I thought in my post (no i dont proof read cause im an ass) that I put that I am back on my feet. I have the 100 to spare.

I thought that I eluded to that since I said that it would not put me in a bind, or anything of that nature. Getting back on my feet with moms money is for things like, a desk, a safe, a filing cabinet, take the dog to the vet, fix my truck, these things that were all on the list to do before she left me.

Now I dont have the money. All my money is appropriated to what it all needs to go to, and I figure I can eek out 100 bucks or so, which I might not even do. I assure you I dont need help, and I am not in the buisness of making stupid choices with my money. Thanks for your concern.

If my mom would have an issue wiht what I would do with money, she would not give it to me, I assure you. If she would have a problem buying supps with it, she would say so, nor would she have sent me the worlds biggest econo tub of fish oil. If I was the type of person to squander money foolishly I would not be in the place I am today.

I realize that these boards are over run with 17 year olds that had thier mom throw away thie creatine, and thats thier worry. Or that they can eat this month or buy the newest tub of Surge possible.

I get it. What I dont need is anyone that thinks they know more about my monetary situation and relationship with my mother than I do, as to provide me with your opinion on what I should do with my life.

I admit that I dont proofread what I write. I also have to write this in between customers and phone calls, so my musings may ramble from time to time and not make sense. But what I do know, is I asked for your opinion how how best to spend 100 bucks on supps that would last longer than a month and provide me my best bang.

If you want to comment about being able to read, being an idiot, blah blah, seems to be 2 people that can do that. The rest of you...cant seem to answer the question I posed. Thank you again.

Although really, glad that your people do care about the bottom line and people being stupid...

Sorry for being bitchy..


If I were you I'd go buy as much cheap unflavored whey as I could.

BCAAs seem kinda expensive bang for the buck speaking. You get all those in whey anyways. Unless you are cutting and avoiding the calories, or can't stomach a little whey during workouts, I don't see the point personally.


I can understand how you might be in a bad mood in your current situation.

That aside man...start saving.

That's good advice for anyone; not just you.

If I found $100 on the sidewalk; I wouldn't walk into a GNC and ask "what can I get?"

....but that's my take on it.

and I'm not a 17yr old whiner like a lot of these other punks are.

(but the Z-12 would be a good idea if you had a gun to your head; which you don't)


I was 100% joking on both counts. Save the $100. As soon as you spend it you'll need it for something far more important than some dumb supplement. Take it from me, I've spent money I didn't have on plenty of supplements before, it's not worth it. You just end up needing/wanting more in the end when you run out anyway.

Hold on to the $100, and you'll be grateful you did when something comes up. Once you're finished getting "back on your feet," then you won't have to worry about what you can get with $100, but you can pick and choose your supplements as you see fit to complement your diet and lifestyle.

Supplements are just that, supplements. They aren't required by any means.


I'd go for a couple tubs of Grow! Whey since I haven't found a better deal on quality protein, especially when you consider the free shipping.


Don't waste you don't have on supps, Its not what i would be doing but if you want to I might aswell try and advise you on the right path at least.

I've learnt alot of leasons for myself by buying supps that I don't need. blowing money which should of been spent on better things, stick to the basics man.

Nothing beats simply eating small regular meals every 2 1/2 - 3 hours and using a limited number of supplements to optimise nutrient intake:

  1. Whey protein to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, if you're unable to maintain meal frequency throughout the day through whole foods.

  2. L-Glutamine is an amino acid, it's a naturally occuring substance in the body, just like Creatine. L-Glutamine can also be helpful, due to its anti-catabolic (muscle protecting) effects against cortisol, and because it helps to replenish glycogen levels after intense workouts - leading to enhanced recovery. Particularly when taken 20-30 mins after a workout with your protein shake.


I was considering grow, mainly becuase whey is easy if I over sleep to have a meal. Or if I get home late and am starving, and it fits the AD well.

BCAA's always just seemed like one of those things that you should have. But I am thinking of just saving what I have left for when I try and cut some weight. I wish I had it when I lost all my fat a year or so ago.

I save money like its going out of style. And buyers remorse runs heavy in me. It took me a month to lock down the fact that I needed a vacuum. I went to the store 2 times a week looking at them, and well, I finally bought one. And that was only 80 bucks. Generally I will talk myself out of spending money while in a store, even if its something I need. Ive been back and forth on this very topic of supps for nearly 2 months now and I still havent reached an answer so I brought it to you guys.

I think Ill get a tub of grow and call it a day with that. I suppose that the massive amounts of meat I consume would cover the rest of the stuff for me anyway.

And like I said before, me and money dont like to part, but when its something I need, I will do my best to do it right. Thats why I own a house, have 2 cars paid for, have money in savings and blah blah blah.

Being the way I am, I wont dip into my savings. Mom knows this, hence the care package. Ill sit on the floor and eat meat with my bare hands, to keep my savings.

Some call me....cheap.



Get plenty of sleep, just dont need to come get lectured on how to save money when it wasnt my original question.

If I wanted to know how to save money, I would post somewhere else and ask, are CDs the way to go? Or how about an IRA? And now that I mention it....I do need to learn something about that. I had a ton of money in a cd and lost all my interest because of the divorce...but I digress.


And this is the reason I might just say to hell with it, get GROW and be done, becuase my OCD self will just want more and be pissed when its gone. Its easier for me to go without all together than with and have to stop.


what on gods green earth makes you think my diet sucks?

Unless you hate the AD diet methods, but I enjoy no carb lifestyles anyway.

Just because I proclaim to have no money does not mean I eat trash. Did you ponder that I have less money because I refuse to eat crap?

...enough with the assumptions.


Im sure im just about as confused as the next, and I beleive I probably worded things wrong.

My mom helped me get things around the house in order and things of that nature. Like I said before, getting the dog to the vet, replacing certain things she took, blah blah blah. When I say, last purchase, when I do my budget, and putting money back for everyhting I need, supp money isnt available. At least probably until spring time, if buisness picks up. I apologize for confusion, but I am lost as much as the next.

So yeah, its not as bad as my title seems, but hey, gotta get your attention :slight_smile:

Granted my clean foods have degraded in quality over the past weeks, and mom provided my carbs for the weekends, but I am still on track.

I guess I should learn to keep these things simple.

Let me restate.

At this moment, I actually have a few extra bucks I COULD spend if I really felt it was appropriate. Note the supps I already have. It might be a while before I have the DISPOSABLE income to purchase more, so something that might get me further along would be better, if anything at all. I may not have a lot of money for EXTRAS so its a novel idea to be able to purchase anything at this moment anyway. So, if anyone has any opinions on what might be a good purchase for grins, keeping a shopping list under 100 bucks, I would like to hear it. I dont need opinions on saving money, why I am an idiot in your views (because enough people tell me that anyway) and the like. THank you for addressing my questions within a timely fashion.