A note to Jason Braswell

Hey dude, I guess your fight with George Allen is coming up soon. Good luck! BTW, I saw that are from Florida. Do you do any of your ground work at one of the Gracie academies? Just curious since I do mine under Renzo Gracie. Remember, if he gets you mounted, protect your fucking neck and keep those arms and elbows in tight!!!

Hey, is this posted anywhere on the net? BEST of luck to you, Jason! Am kinda interested if you’re doing anything different with your training. Maybe post something here about that training?

Good idea Jason, you should post some of your training/nutrition info. I’m sure others would love to know! See you in the gym this week bro!

Thanks for the kind words, guys. I am indeed preparing for this fight pretty hard, and the training’s going well save my MCL injury a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to train at any Gracie academies. I train w/ a small group in Gainesville for grappling and standup, and I usually venture to Orlando once, maybe twice a week to train at Din Thomas’s place w/ a pretty well-rounded group of fighters, including some of the De La Riva guys.

Anything can happen in a fight, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll get mounted. Allen certainly poses a danger when we’re on our feet, but I think I’m safe once we hit the ground. I’ll go for the double, but if I don’t get it, I certainly won’t hesitate to pull guard, as I think my NHB guard is quite good.

As far as training and nutrition goes, a lot of it will seem familiar to you guys, and it’s nothing revolutionary, but this is the most regimented training I’ve done for a fight, and I like what I’ve set up under Coach Davies inspiration. I’ll give you a training run down next post. Thanks so much again!

Hey, there’s no shame in pulling guard. I’d much rather attack from guard with various arm bar, kimura and triangle attempts than try to pass a guy’s guard and go into side control whether it’s sport jiu-jitsu or NHB. Let me know how you did as soon as it’s over.

Good luck!!

Bras, Not sure how well you know Allen but he’s supposed to be a pretty decent wrestler (Army). In his fight with Henze (a real strong dude) he was able to control the clinch fairly well. Of course, you may be able to shoot like Igali but I thought I’d throw that info out there just in case it helps your gameplan.