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A note about my experience with 1-AD

Here are some more reports from another guy using the 1-AD and myself.

It appears whatever is causing the burning is ending up in body fluids. I say this because it irritates mucus
membranes as evidenced by throat irritation with cough, as well as runny nose, and get this, it even burns when you
pee it out. Both myself and the other individual hadn’t told the other that
we were experiencing this. Today I mentioned it and sure enough, he was
experiencing the burning during urination.

I stopped taking it to see if the things I was experiencing
really were related to the 1-AD. Today I took it again and my nose is
running, my throat is irritated and it burns when I urinate. So I thought people should know it is not just stomach pain. I hope that what others said, that the next batch won’t have these problems, is right.

Yup. The same exact thing happened to me.
Last night I took some with food, and went to sleep. I was awakened by my urethra burning like hell. I had to drink several glasses of
water in the hope that I could piss it out.

I too noticed a cause and effect and
experimented with takeing it/not taking it.
It’s a shame, because it’s truly anabolic,
but I’m hurtin’

I posted this yesterday, before the thread was deleted. I’ve been taking 2 caps 3 times per day (11 days now) and not experienced any of the side effects posted here.

Why would you do this to your body? And you think the next batch will be better? Wake up and smell the coffee!