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A Non-Training Inquiry for CT


I just finished reading today's article from Nate Green, and found a lot of the information to make a great deal of sense. I wouldn't say the ideas are foreign, but the disconnect between how people tend to do things and how they should/want to do things but are too confused about is bridged here. It's certainly an enlightening way to approach one's training. So, first, thank you both (Green and Thibaudeau) for this article.

Now, the question:

Christian, I can't help but notice the trend that you, as a wealth of experience and information, love to give away your two cents without charge. I am under the impression it's not too big of a deal to your personal income as I'm sure working with you personally is a completely different experience. I'm also sure your reputation is pretty well-spread as I remember reading something about you training an actor whose name I forget. Regardless, I've seen a lot of trainers, good and bad, lean more toward the 'hush-hush' side of the spectrum unless compensation is involved. My question to you is simple. Why do you release your opinions, knowledge, and techniques so openly?

This is simply out of curiosity. Also, if you have any commentary on why other trainers may be so quiet about training without monetary persuasion, I'd love to hear that also.

Anyway, as a bloodthirsty lifter trying to additionally enter the fitness industry, I greatly appreciate the time you take to share your experience so that we may utilize it in achieving our own goals.


It's the free Anaconda.


Well the thing is that I might not me as money-driven as some other coaches.

A lot of coaches or trainers are in this either 'to make a living' or to 'make a lot of money' or even to 'become famous'. I'm in this because it's my passion. I love to teach people, I love to learn about training and share what I've learned.

It's true that I might be losing some money by doing that, but I do okay for myself. I'm not ready to buy a new private jet just yet, but me and my wife are happy and don't lack anything.


About the private jet: I believe that it wouldn't be a problem for T-mag users to write a petition demanding a massive pay rise for the Biotest's best coach :wink:


Although I appreciate that, it would mean that some employees would have to take a pay cut and I couldn't sleep at night... well, I probably could but I would always a short down moment when boarding the jet :slightly_smiling:


when one teaches, two learn ...

actually with his sharing CT do more good to himself :slight_smile:


Hey CT,

The OP's question just reminded me of a question I had regarding your personal training.
A while back you teased us by offering online personal training but then abrubptly ended it. How come, any chance of bringing it back?

Also I assume you now only do face to face personal training. If someone had the resources to travel out to you can you give us an estimate on what it would cost, or what length of time would be needed to spend with you, ie., days,a few weeks, two months etc.?
Do you take on any type of client?
Do you even have a website or link on to answer all these questions plus other details?



No doubt!

When I explain a concept to someone it forces me to think it through, often from a different perspective, so I actually get a better grasp of the concept each time I talk about it. Heck, sometimes I must change a few things because by thinking it through I find something new to add to the concept.

And there is also the fact that if the guys I'm explaining this stuff to go on experimenting and find NEW applications, then I can learn from them!

And lastly, you never know who is gonna be the next big trainer. In 10 years one of you might be the top training dog, the one we should all learned from. Well, if I snobbed you in the past, what are my chances of learning from you?!


The problem is that my biggest strength as a coach is autoregulation of the workout and knowing exactly what a person needs.

When I did online consults I quickly found out that I wasn't better than most coaches because I couldn't do the thing that make me special. To autoregulate I have to be in the gym with the individual at every workout.


Is personal training still something that you do? Or is your main priority the advancement of knowledge at this point? Just curious. Cause if i win the lotto, i'm hiring you, lol.


I work with a few select clients, mostly competitive bodybuilders (which I promised myself I would never do :slight_smile: ).


Hey CT, Just want to let you know that you have been a huge inspiration to me, I am 21 years old and I just found my passion in exercise science/athletic training and that's what I'm going to college for. Just curious as to how you started in the fitness industry? Do you have college experience/athletic training certification? Any recomendations for a young guy to get to where you're at?