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A Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer


Well,here's is the first look at the remake. Nothing beats the original...but this(so far) looks like it will be worth the watch. Thoughts?


I've never really been into slasher/horror flicks, but since I grew up on the Nightmare movies, I'll probably check this out. To be honest, that trailer doesn't show anything that really separates it from the original. That alone doesn't make it good or bad, though. I'm hoping just a fresh look and retelling of the story will be enough to make it worth the watch.

Although, It's gonna be hard seeing anyone other than Robert Englund play Freddy.


this will be nasty! man, i love a blood bath


As a horror movie buff, I am estatic.

First Halloween, then Friday the 13th(My favorite series and the best re-make), and now Nightmare on Elm Street.

The holy trinity of evil is complete. Can't wait to see it.

Thanks Big Boss.


I don't think they could add anything without it taking away from what makes it Nightmare On Elm Street. Also,how tall is Robert Englund? Jackie Earle Haley is so fucking short...like a Pocket-Krueger..lol. But,like you..I hope that a modern retelling will make it worth watching.


No prob. Now we can only hope for a non-retarded Freddy vs. Jason remake.....OR for a stretch,a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers movie.


Robert England is like 5'10. Jackie Earl is 5'7 or something like that. The Kreuger character has never been an imposing enemy. Its his sadistic nature and dream powers that make him so deadly.

I like the trailer and I think the movie will be good.


Ok....and yeah,I see your point. I like how his face looks as if it was melted...looks more "realistic."


I want a CandyMan remake! Put a hook on Ving Rhames hand and have him slicing up people.


I like the look too. That way you have Robert's Freddy look and Jackie's Freddy look, both distinct.

Robert has the best voice though. No way they could recreate that.


Is anything sacred anymore?

Hollywood truly is deprived of ideas nowadays.


I grew up on these movies, so not sure how I feel about this. Personally I think every remake that's been done was kinda pointless. They just put out a second rate version of the original with very little imagination involved. Having said that, from the trailer it looks like Krueger was wrongfully accused so he's coming back to exact revenge, so that's a cool angle and his face looks creepier/more realistic. I'll see it in the theater.


Candyman scared the shit out of me. I was in the 3rd grade and was freaked out everytime I had to take a piss for about 3 months, no joke. Also it's gonna suck that Robert Englund isn't Freddy.


Rather watch Freddy remake than a gay Jap horror movie.


I hope they throw in those little comedic snaps like in the originals.


Dunno bout that mate. Some fairly brutal Asian horror out there that quite frankly pisses over ANYTHING hollywood has to offer.

Then Hollywood remakes them and casts people like Sarah Michael Gellar.


I saw this and about shit brix.

I fuckin' love horror movies and I love Freddy! I think I'm gonna listen to some Dokken - Dream Warriors!

..Seriously though, this is boss. Freddy scared the hell outta me when I was little (only movie character to really have the effect), I can't wait to see what they've done with him now!


Ok, I'll re-phrase it:

Fuck Japan and their horror movies

Fuck American movies that are a ripoff of Jap movies

Happy now?


The only Americanized Jap remake that was worth a shit was The Ring. All of the other ones, especially the Ring 2 were terrible.


The remake of Friday the 13th was good. I have no doubt bay will turn this out. I got all of the original series on DVD and seriously, even though I wasn't old enough to watch any of them until the 4th or 5th one came out (I remember sneeking in to watch Freddy's Dead at the movies in junior high I think), there were many corny turns those older movies made simply because they were at the center of pop culture for so long.

I do hate that Englund won't be in this at all or even as a cameo, but the dude is getting up there in age now so I am not sure he would set the stage of a redo of the concept.