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A Nice and Effective Cut


Hey there.

I'll just get right to the point. I'm 18 years old, 85kg(187 lbs) and 1,86m(6"1). I've been inactive for quite some time but before that I was very active, 5-6 times per week in the gym so I'm not a beginner, but I've never actually been lean and never taken an effective cut. Now I've put on some fat and lost some muscle during the inactivity and I wanna get lean, get rid of that extra fat and reveal the abs. I have a deadline of 6 weeks, I'm going off on a two weeks vacation July 31st and wanna look good on the beach . I just want that long desired beach body but not huge.

So my question is: How is the most effective way to reach my goal in those 6 weeks? Should I work the whole body 3 times per weeks or so, or should I lift weights as usual and just add more cardio?

The idea is:
A) Full body circuit 3x per week and add in HIIT every other day or every single day(after workout on workout days) and abs every day.

B) I was thinking 4 or 5-day-split with HIIT and abs after each workout and on weekends some outdoor activity(I'd also do that in option A)), and of course lower weight -> more reps.

Can you also name some good supplements to use for an effective cut, maybe you have some experience and can tell me your opinion on them.

Thank you very much and I hope someone can answer all this


How about your diet?



Kinda a day late and a buck short aren't we? You have no real build at 6'1" and 187. You say you havent trained in a while and are therefore deconditioned. your really didnt give yourself any time. So your get two answers for your question:

A] begin training consistently and seriously with a strong effort towards adding protein into your diet. Look forward to being able to have any build to cut fat off of for next years beach season. This is the reasonable answer that you dont want.

B] eat only beef and green beans for the next 6 weeks and alternate HIIT and steady state cardio, daily, everyday. do 25 mins of HIIT and 90 mins of SSC, alternating. This is terribly unhealthy and not good for any legit long term goals you may have. You will harvest the shit out of your weak muscle base but i dont think you are super interested in having a solid long term muscle base.

you wont have a beach body in 6 weeks either way. either way you'll be skinny and unimpressive to females over the age of 16. Shit even the magazines dont offer a beach body in 6 weeks. hey at least say that it takes 8 weeks to ripped abs. :wink:

You can only learn from this mistake if you recognize it.



First off, 6 weeks, you don't have to worry about being huge in the first place.
Secondly, as esk221 asked, what about your diet?
If your looking for the most effective method of fat loss in a short space of time then the answer is in the home page of this website. It's called the Velocity Diet. You may have left things a little late though


Yeah the Velocity Diet might be the key. Thing is I find that only people with the dedication to at least train regularly make it through the VD. I really highly doubt a guy that used to train and wants a "beach body" in 6 weeks has the sand to finish the VD and ramp off effectively. We will see.

In other news: Nice looking canine in your avatar. yours?




I havent tried the V-Diet, but, it certainly seems effective through what I've read about it.
Like others have said, try the V-Diet it's hard though, Avocado, if he wants a beach body, and, he was inclined enough to post his needs on a forum I'm sure he COULD do the V-Diet, and, he does cardio, which personally, to me is nerve wrackingly boring, unless you go running with friends :slight_smile:


zombie bump.

If you're still running for cardio you need to join the revolution. You're right running is boring as softcore porn. Cardio for me is almost as fun and goal oriented as lifting these days. Get inot EDT, KB's, sledge hammers, tires, ES circuit training, complexes and blah blah blah.

And i dont personally think that anyone who is inclined enough to post on a forum, yet uninclined enough to do his own research [V-Diet its on the front page of the website ffs], and who only leaves himself 6 weeks [now half that], and doesnt respond to his own posts is serious about anything at all. Might just be me though, I'm known to be a cunt.



nope, I completely agree with you avacado

you cant / wont do it in 6 weeks op. and lets be honest, if your not beach ready at sub 200 at 6'1" best you can go for is the starving look... or marathon runner....


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Good Luck!!!