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A Newbies First Cut (Velocity Diet)

Greetings everyone,

When I first got involved in the world of bodybuilding I just wanted to be buff. I was a skinny little thing 5’11 155 lbs. with a 33’ waist. I didn’t think to check out articles online, so I just started lifting heavy and eating heavy. Long story short, I did develop muscle, but it’s under a lot of fat. I’m now 185 lbs with a 36’ waist. When I started out I didn’t supplement, do cardio, sleep, or drink water, and I ate mostly crap. So now I’ve got a bit of a gut, and I’m going to get rid of it, which will be my first cut.

Now I have not read that many articles here because too much information can be overwhelming and cause paralysis by analysis. But what I have read and liked quite a bit are the 10x3 For Fat Loss and Velocity Diet. I started out a month ago just using the 10x3 plan, and 2000cals a day of whole foods (all very healthy, low calorie, high protein). As this is a program originally designed for college football players, and I have horrible endurance from 0 cardio, I was only able to originally complete 5 of the 10 sets, and around 3 minutes of the HIIT. This has steadily improved, but I am looking for something quicker. So I got some Low-Carb Grow!, Surge, HOT-ROX, and Milled Flax Seeds. Heres where I run into a bit of a problem. I could just follow the Velocity Diet to the letter, and drop the 10x3 program seeing as it burns a lot more calories with the HIIT then the fast walking does, but in this instance I wouldn’t be increasing my cardiovascular health, and I’m already worried about how healthy this diet is what with the MRPs and HOT-ROX both containing various chemicals and such.

Asside from this I have an idea but I’m unsure of how to make it work. I could have 2 solid meals a day, 3 grows a day, along with the HOT-ROX, flax, and Surge. Because I would be consuming an additional 300-400cals a day, I think I could still do the 10x3 and HIIT, sort of the best of both worlds, the Velocity Diet and the 10x3 hybrid. I’m not sure if this is practical, or how to calculate how many calories I’m burning with the HIIT compared to the Velocity workouts, and how this corresponds to the additional calories from the whole foods. Please help me out!

Ummm…well your post is kind of a mess. Here’s the advice I have from what you wrote:

CW’s 10x3 for fat loss will kick your ass.

The V-Diet will kick your ass. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. Seriously, Shugart loves to make us cry.

If you are going to do the V-Diet, cool. But do the V-Diet, don’t try to modify it. Chris is smarter than you, that’s why HE wrote it.

There aren’t any “chemicals” in HOT-ROX or Grow!(lol) that will kill you. As a matter of fact, taking both will probably improve your general health.

If you can only complete 5 sets when you are going for 10, you are obviously using too much weight.

Hope some of that helps. If I were you, I would do 10x3 for fat loss, complete the whole program as CW outlined it. Then do the same for the V-Diet. Then admire your abs in the mirror.

Good luck.

So let them kick my ass, I am very diciplined when it comes to both food, and lifting. Also, I am starting a college course in a month, and I want to have a good chest to waist ratio within a month. Right now I’m 36’ waist, 41’ chest. As far as I can see, the best course of action is to cut like crazy while retaining muscle, and then start building chest again once my stomache is under control. How can I do both programs separately within a month?

You have nothing to worry about WRT HOT-ROX and the “chemicals”. As analog_kid said, it’s likely good for your overall health. The gugglesterones gives you some very good looking skin, in my experience and what I have read from others.

I also agree with analog_kid that you should stick to what the V-Diet was designed around. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Seeing as there has been TWO successful Velocity Diet Support Group threads both with well over 200 posts, it works.

You guys are right, I’m sorry I said what I did about the chemicals and such, just that my dad is very concerned and keeps asking me to talk to a doctor about this diet to make sure its safe. As far as the guggul goes, thats great because I do have acne, and my face gets really dry this time of year.

I’m really not a fan of the fast walks though since I want to increase my endurance/cardio, would it be alright for me to increase my carb/calorie count a bit on the “fast walk” days, and instead do jog for 30mins, workout day, HIIT, workout day, jog?

[quote]Jatsu wrote:
I’m really not a fan of the fast walks though since I want to increase my endurance/cardio, would it be alright for me to increase my carb/calorie count a bit on the “fast walk” days, and instead do jog for 30mins, workout day, HIIT, workout day, jog?[/quote]

Don’t jog. Keeping your muscle mass is hard enough while on a diet without jogging. There is a reason why HIIT and fast walks are recommended, but rarely jogging.

Do a search on HIIT training on google. It’ll pull up a few studies or excerpts from them that’ll explain the ideas behind it.

is there a goddamned good reason that we are supporting a “cut” for someone thats 5’11", 185lbs? with a 36in waist and 41in chest? are you kidding me?

better idea:
do some 10x3 and 5x5 rep/set workouts with heavy ass weight and improve your “shoulder/waist” ratio that way. you go on a cut and youre going to be that same skinny kid you started at.

here’s another idea:
everyone wears fucking hoodies at college anyway. most people that are in class just woke up and it was all they could do to drag their ass there. no ones checking out your fucknig shoulder/waist ratio. now would be a pretty good time for you to decide if youre ready to workout and get big, because it doesnt sound like it- which is perfectly fine, no ones forcing you.

some people arent into being big and strong, sorry, i meant big or strong, since those are in no way related…so yea if youre not looking to get big stop going to the gym. otherwise do what it takes. cutting at bw of 185lbs on a 5’11" frame sporting a 41in chest is a bit ridiculous.

i understand that you may have a little gut going on, but lift heavy, something like CW’s TBT, and get your MUSCLES way bigger before you cut.