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A Newbie, But Not for the First Time

I have always been pretty small so when I graduated three years ago I trained pretty hard for about 6 months but like so many although I initially loved it, I eventually stopped training altogether.

I was eating a lot of calories at the time and the problem became that it continued even when I stopped. I started out at 160 and balooned to about 185, all of which was fat!

Having had major stomach problems when I was about 19, fixed only by cutting out wheat and dairy, I knew the power of dietry change, so over the past year I have been controlling my diet and have lost about 25 pound in fat down to 160 again, which I am very proud of. The problem now is that I am just a flabby, unfit, skinny guy.

Therefore, I now feel mentally ready to train again (and am physically capable having now recovered from two different car crashes!).

My goal is to get fit and lean and not necessarily bulk up too much. Really my goal initially is to be a lean 155 or so and go from there. I want to get cardiovascually fit and lose my fat first, then think about growing - but even then I never want to really be above 165. I want to remain around my natural weight like a boxer does.

My first question is this: Is this the right approach and secondly, how do I eat for it? I am a bit confused, not about how many carbs etc, but the kinds of stuff I can eat, namely recipes.

As I know what I have been in the past (too obsessed, but only for short bursts, and looking for perfection before actually starting a program or continuing it) I am keen to just make some positive steps forward, like I did with my diet. As such, I do not think I am ready for eating like 6-7 meals a day and my life as a law student in London and being away from home make this very hard - once I start work it will be easier as there will actually be somewhere I can physically store stuff at work, like all the food I need to take!

So I am looking at doing something like this:


Pint of Milk
2 Shredded Wheat (UK wholewheat breakfast - approx 40 carbs)


Protein Shake


40g Protein (Fish/Chicken…)
Wholewheat Bagel


40g Protein
Loads of Veggies

Now, I know this is not perfect, but will I make gains on it thats the question? - is it a step in the right direction since right now thats what I want to achieve?

In case you are interested, the training regimin I am following is Never Gymless by Ross Training, as I do not have access to a gym and find myself feeling so cardiovascually unfit that I really need to work on it as much as muscle and strength development - too often in the gym in the past have I simply not been ‘fit enough’.

Your help is much appreciated

From the UK.


Can no one help? :frowning: