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A New World

wow this is a whole new world, I am an Olympic weightlifter. I was at the Arnold last weekend competing and after words I made my way over to the power lifting meet and damn! some crazy shit, it was weird because it looks very simuler to a weightlifting meet with the lights and judges and everything but it wasn’t, I then ran back to the world I know, but the lifting I saw has stayed in the back of my head.

Any plans on giving it a shot? I’m sure you’ve got a strong squat, and doesn’t Pendlay have you doing some kind of bench pressing?

Yea I would love to, I dont know if Coach would let me but maybe I can doa meet when I am way off from a big meet. The only problem is that I dont squat all that much even for a weightlifter, my best back squat is 500 pounds, and god only knows what my bench is! I do a little hear and there but we never max out, just reps. But I am always up to trying new things. how long you been lifting?

10 years training the big 3, but a lot of wasted time in there from injuries. I haven’t competed since 2005 or so, and there are plenty of guys on here with tons of experience and huge numbers that have a much better perspective than I do. Check out Stormthebeach’s log if you want to see how these guys train, it’s crazy stuff.

In any event, good luck with weightlifting. I’m a fan of most all strength sports, and I think we’ve got a good crop of young guys coming up nudge nudge that can bring us some success in the olympics.