A New Way To Superset!!

I just tried out this new way of supersetting for my workouts. It may already be known by people because its pretty simple really. For hamstrings/lower back the other day I did as follows:

A1) 4x Stiff legged Deadlifts

A2a) 2x Leg Curls

A2b) 2x Hyperextensions

I used 3 exercises for 4 supersets. I did a set of deadlifts then curls, rest, repeat, rest, then a set of deadlifts then hyperextensions, rest, repeat. Obviously, reps, tempo, and rest periods are very important too but I found this to method to totally exhaust my lower back and hamstrings. By the time I got to Hyperextensions my hamstings were toast and my erector spinae was shot. Let me know what you guys think of this idea. I’m going to try it for quads by doing, Squats w/ Lunges and Extensions. I’ll post my results with that…

Hey, great idea - both variety and time-savings! I’m going to try it myself.

I’ve been doing this for a little while, and I really like it because it allows you to use lots of variety, and work the muscle optimally. I really like using it with my hams when I’m supersetting them with squats. For example I’ll do 6 sets of squats and 3 sets of Romanian DLs and 3 sets of leg curls. That way I don’t blow out my lower back, by supersetting two movements that can trash the back (squats and RDLs), since I’m only doing 3 sets of RDL. But, I am thouroughly working them Hams by working the hip extensor and knee flexor function. It’s basically just a way to break from the habit of doing X sets for X reps at X tempo for X body part, and then turning around and doing virtually the same thing for the antagonist body part.