A New Wave of Motivation


75kg / 165lbs
24 years old

A brief history;

  • Starting Training in Mid 2001 at 135lbs
  • Trained mostly on until 2004
  • Stopped training for reasons, but resumed in 2006 [was 160lbs but chubby]
  • Got up to 180lbs in 2007, then still trained but just lost some of my drive and so didn’t train as much/hard as I could’ve and didn’t eat much and kinda stayed around 155-165
  • Jan 2009 got an infection, shrank down to 150lbs and was like whoaa I need bulk up again

The Future

  • I know I can progress further, I just don’t always put in as much as I know I can, so think of these pictures as a “before”
  • Meeting Kai Greene & Phil Heath in May this year pretty much opened up my eyes on how truly big these guys are and hence it spurred me to be re-motivated again.

minus fancy lighting




just to show where I started off,

Mid 2001, a sexy 135lbs [and 2 months into ‘training’ although it mostly based from Flex and progressed but wasn’t until November when I joined a gym I realised how I was meant to be training]