A new steroidal practice

Howdy fellas… I just discovered something which I’m sure others have thought of first but I just tried it for the past few days and loved it. Everyone needs to go out and buy a box of 18gauge pins. When you are loading the pin steroids (this is especially good for relatively complex stacks involving frequent injections and multiple drugs)screw your 18gauge to the syringe instead of your normal pin. First of all, you will wait .01 seconds to load your pin, even with a water based winstrol that has a tendency to get “stuck”. You don’t even need to inject air into your vial. Furthermore, in the process (as short as it is) you don’t have to worry about dulling the pin you will use. This allows for consistantly pain free injections. Also, you don’t have to worry about compromising pin sterility going in and out of stoppers… I don’t even take the cap off the pin till right before injection. The annoyance of everyday injections is really not that big a deal to me anymore as the process has been severely simplified. Let me know what you guys think and hopefully this helps a few of you fools out there.

Good plan. I’ll have to drop by the vet supply store and pick some up.

Its still good practice to inject air into your multidose vial to equalize the pressure. Also to prevent possible contamination I swab the rubber stopper for about 15-30 seconds with an alcohol swab going in one direction. I myself use 22 gauge needles as drawing pins, the only problem with using 18 gauge is, if you run out of 18 gauge pins to draw with, a smaller pin may not get the same seal/ suction through the larger holein the rubber stopper you’ve created with the 18 gauge pin.

Wow what a great idea! I just threw all my insulin pins in the bin, but I am struggling to get through the stopper with the cap on the needle. What am I doing wrong?
As soon as I have this sorted I will be injecting my test suspension into my left gastroc.

Creed I have no idea what you are talking about. P22 you’re right… the pressure equalization is important and thats why you should poke your vials occasionally with just the pin… however I find there to be much more of a pressure discrepancy when shooting a full 3 ccs into the vial to get adequate pressure. It would be best to simply inject an amount of air equal to the amount of steroid you are using. A box of 100 or more 18 gauge is like ten bucks… so you shouldnt worry about running out.

Maybe I am missing something here but…isn’t it already standard practice for everyone to load the syringe using a bigger pin, then switch to smaller pin to inject? Is there something more here that I am missing?

Squatty excuse me. I thought you were taking the proverbial. I thought for a minute you were suggesting using an 18g for injections!
Just sought of took it for granted that everybody already used a bigger pin for loading. I use a 21g or the 20g that comes spare with my sust redijects. Found that the 18g takes chunks out of the rubber stoppers.

As I said, in the non-existant guide on “how to do steroids” which we attempt to write in our day to day lives, no one has brought this up to me. I just thought to do it the other day and it worked great… if someone… ANYONE… had said something, i would have been doing this all along.

If you use 20g you’ll not only have 0 problems drawing your gear, but your also less likely to tear up the rubber stopper. Therfore less likely to end up with little pieces of rubber in your gear. Which has been the case for me using 18g. on multi-use vials.