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A New Set of Goals


I was looking for some good advice on reaching a couple of my goals for the summertime. On the list are squatting twice my bodyweight, benching one and a half times my body weight, getting 10 wide grip pullups, progressing in form in the major compound lifts. I would like to do this while starting back to training for cycling season now that the weather is breaking. Thanks for the tips/advice.



What is your body weight, and what are those lifts at now?


I weigh 175 in the morning. I dont max, but if I were to guess, I would say bench 225, squat 275 for the sake of being conservative with numbers. I havnt maxed due to my trying to build a decent base before I worry about things like that, but I feel like after 4 months back lifting, that I have established a base to start moving to early goals. Basically I wanna squat 350 with, and bench 265 with good form for bodybuilding, not powerlifting. Im thinking of just doing starting strength to get my numbers up then cutting off any extra fat that I may accumulate after/working on symmetry. I think being stronger would be beneficial toward my overall goal of eventually hitting 190 being lean. Im only getting 7 chin ups right now also, so I consider myself weak in the back department.



Come on guys, nobody has ever been in my situation before? There isnt any advice or opinions on starting strength for a guy in my position?

I am thinking that I am going to start all my lifts at 135 and go from there.



I would just use 5/3/1 for those lifts. It's a good template for progression.


Do you think that my thoughts on how overall strength will help my overall goal toward overall development are sound?



Well, you can't go wrong with getting stronger if you want a better physique. If that's what your asking. Just pay attention to the mirror (and not your abs), pants size, love handles, and the way your shirts fit.

If your bulking, your goal isn't to gain a lot fat...but if you do gain some fat don't sweat it. The goal is to add muscle at the fastest rate you can. Pay close attention to your traps and shoulder girdle, make sure they're always bigger and wider than your love handles (you shouldn't be gaining excessive fat on your love handles).

You'll hit your groove eventually and things will fall into place, just takes effort. It's simple stuff really, if you pay attention to the little things i listed you should be able to keep things in check. It works for me.


Thanks for the input.

Im thinking that for the pullups, im going to wait till i can do 10 from a hang without any trouble, then im gonna start moving my grip to overhand, then slowly out to wide. Not sure if this is gonna work, but its the only thing I know to do that might work.

Doesnt anyone have any advice on pullups? I find that hard to believe.



You need to set a more specific date than just "Summer time". We can then examine if your goals are realistic or not.

S-specific (have that)
M-measureable (recordable, easy to do)
A-action oriented (plan)
R-realistic (for yourself)
T-timely (specific date, again summer time not specific enough)

Eg. I will bench press 275lbs by July 4th/2011




Thanks for the link. Ill be more specific about the goals.

I want to go from 7 pullups from a dead hang to 15 wide grip pullups from a dead hang between the dates of May 4th and August 16th. I weigh 177.5 at the gym after 2 meals, with clothes/shoes on (so like 171-ish).