A New Mutant Hybrid Exercise from Da Treetop

Heya T-freaks. I believe I’ve created a new pushup hybrid that isolates the pecs quite well. First, I put my hands on each of the handles on my stairclimber, which is a slightly-more-than shoulder-width grip. Step 2) Roll my Swiss Ball (“Coney Island Bill”) under my knees until my toes are balanced on top.
3) Begin deep pushups between the rails while balancing on the ball. I then tried this with a Power-pushup and got a kickass burn. Cheque it owt. Lata.

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E-Man…wassup my Primate brethren…always on top o’ the ball, aren’t we, bro! Nice. By the sounds of it, it sounds like this would be similar to incline pushups with extended range of motion, eh? I like to do Swiss-Ball crunches with feet elevated and hands on the floor, but your method sounds a little more demanding.

Another variation of pushups that'll nail the triceps, call it the Atomic Tricep Blaster Pushup, if you will:-) Rest your entire forearms, including your hands, on the floor directly under your face. Your feet should be raised on a bench or something. Straighten your arms, like in a regular pushup, until the elbows are completely locked and straight.

Timbo, I miss your T-ass, dude. We haven’t shared a post in a lawng whyle. YEah, the thing I love about this movement is that you get a deep, deep stretch in the bottom half. It’s that cool/scary combo of feeling both a tight tension and the prospect that your pecs might tear out of your skin, I held it for a couple seconds in this position and it comes complete with after-set pump. Nyyyce. Again man, great to hear from ya. Too bad you can’t get out here to NY for the Staley seminar, but I’ll post on that. Lata.

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Hey, I think I might have made something up too. Check it out. Attach a rope (i.e. tricep pushdowns) to a cable pulley. Standing, or seated, row to about chest height, squeezing the traps and rhomboids, keeping your arms parallel to the floor. Then rotate your shoulders 90 degrees so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor and upper arms. This exercise is more of a finisher and is good for upper back (traps, rhomboids and upper lats) as well as rotator cuffs. I’m sure it hits rear delts too.

E-man, have I eva told ya that you da man! You know it bro…that feeling you explain, yeah, baby, that’s the epitome, that’s what it’s all about…aw yeah, it’s more about visualization and masterbation–uh, delete that last one–it’s all about feeling the muscles do their thang. That’d be hella sweet to hook it up, my Primate T-bro…someday, someday, we’ll all hook it up! All T-men will join forces! Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting for the next ass post:-) Which of course I will presume a role!

Maybe It’s for the best that our T-mutated carpaces are scattered around the country, I have a feeling that if we were all condensed we’d have established a seperate colony by now and would be at war with the federal government over supplement taxes. Then we could chuck Twinlab prducts into the Boston Harbor and burn Billy Phillips in “effigy”. Timbo, I’m thinking T-Fest '02 “A Tribunal of Testosterone” somewhere on the East Coast. Whatcha think?

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Monkey, Always respected your fine comments brother. Its nice to see that you do push=ups, since some people just don’t realize how much of a pump they really give. When I do them, I do about 4 * 50 slowly, and by the time I’m done…oh man, a sweet cup of pain and pleasure I drink. So, how much and how often do you do it?

Thanks for the support Lyova. I don’t normally do pushups as part of my routine, but occasioanlly, as in this case, I come up with something whacked enough for me to incorporate a while. That is until I’ve invented something new in my treetop workshop of pain. For now, I’ll be using this new movement which I’ve affectionately (but firmly) dubbed “The Ball Buster” last as a “Finisher” on chest days. I figure two slow eccentric sets of 8-10 or one set to failure will create a fine sensation of psychotic koalas jamming their claws into your pecs and tearing off flesh while they clibm up to nest on your shoulders…or something like that. Either way steer clear of Eucolyptus shampoo. Lata.

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