A New LOOK... Time to Bulk

For years I have been scrawny,weak and had low-self esteem. Through out high school I competed in basketball and baseball so I lifted weights, but was never really serious or concerned about getting bigger. Unfortunately three years ago I fell into a deep depression and began to stop eating. After losing over 30lbs I was hospitalized and diagnosed with anorexia. After years of therapy and hard-work I am finally happy in my life and want to continue my passion.

Fast-forward to today I am now in college and have begun training seriously since October. Unfortunately in mid November I had to take a break from lifting because I broke my right leg in a bicycle accident. Only recently have I begun to train on a regular schedule. My short term goal is to put on as much lean mass as possible for the next 6-7 months. Currently I weigh 149 lbs at 6’2 (19 years old).

My split is legs/push/pull/rest/ repeat.

Below are current pictures the front pic is not flexed


My current lifts are :
Squat: 145lbx5 / Deadlift: 210lbx5 / Bench Press: 110lbx5

My split goes like this
Legs A:
-BB Squat:4x5
-Conventional Deadlift: 4x5
-Pause Squat: 4x6-8
-Leg curl : 4x8-10

  • Calve exercice : 5x6-12
    Push A:
  • BB Bench: 4x5
  • Push Press: 3x5
  • Db Incline: 3-4x6-8
  • Hammer Strength shoulder press: 3x8
  • Dips: 3x AMRAP
  • Tricep rope pushdown: 3x8-12
    Pull A:
  • BB Row: 4x5
  • Hammer Pullups : 4x6
  • DB one arm row: 4x8-10
  • BB curl: 3x6-8
  • Db Hammer curl: 3x8-10
  • BB Shrugs: 3x10-12
    Legs B:
    -Front squat: 4x6-8
    -BB Lunge : 3x8-10
    -BB Romanian Dead: 3x8-10
    -Leg Press: 3x8-10
    -Leg curls: 3x10-12
    -Leg extension: 3x10-12
    -calves: 5x10-15
    Push B:
    -Incline BB Press: 4x6-8
    -Decline Db bench : 4x8-10
    -Db shoulder press: 3x8-10
    -Smith Machine Close grip bench: 3x8-10
    -lateral raises: 3x10-15
    -Pushdown: 3x10-15
    Pull B:
    -chinups: 3x6-10
    -Tbar row: 4x8-10
    -seated machine row: 3x8-10
    -Vbar pulldown: 3x8-12
    -Db curls: 3x8-12
    -Db hammer curls: 3x8-12
    -Rear delt exercise: 2x10-15

Wow. God speed, man.

Thanks bro. IL try to log everyday . I’m doing this log to keep me accountable , so all advice is welcomed and appreciated

Today’s workout : Legs A
-BB Squat : 4x145lbx4 (really trying to go ATP rather then slightly below parallel )
-Dead lift: 2x215lbx3, 2X210x4
-Pause BB squat: 130x5, 3 15th
-single leg curl: 3x50x12 (each leg)
-Smith Machine calf raises: 5x160x13

Hey man, I’m not huge by any means, but I have a similar background to you. I played basketball in HS and started off lifting at 135 standing 6’2". In to see your progress broseph.

Good luck man, I suggest you also log food.

Thanks dude …do you have a log ??

Thanks for reminding me . I’m currently at 3000 calories macros are : 73f 383c 200p

Yeah I have log, it’s usually on the 1st or second page as I post frequently, lifting 6x a week.

Curious as to how you came about your macros?

[quote]mattd534 wrote:
Thanks for reminding me . I’m currently at 3000 calories macros are : 73f 383c 200p[/quote]Watch the scale and mirror, and if you aren’t gaining, then eat more. Seems a little low in my mind.

the best part about being THAT skinny is the gains will come quick. your scale can only go up at this point. if you were truly anorexic at one point, going on a high protein diet will really make a difference.

Figured 3000 calories was a good place to start

Is .5lb a week good?

Todays workout: Push B:
-Incline BB Press: 2x90x5, 2x85x7
-Decline Db bench : 45x9, x8, x7, 40x10 (Superset w/ standing cable chest press) —> 2x15x9, 2x15x8
-Db shoulder press: 30x10, 2x30x9
-Smith Machine Close grip bench: 75x9, 75x8, 70x9
-seated lateral raises: 3x15x9
-Pushdown: 3x25x13

After this did some jump roping for 10 minutes and static stretching

If you’re gaining weight on 3000 cals, then just stay with it until you stop. Shoot for about a pound a week right now I’d say.

Glad you’re eating the protein, but if you have an issue eating that much, replacing some of those cals from protein with carbs/fats could be beneficial. Just hitting 150-175g should be good for you.

Your routine looks decent, but I would avoid doing supersets with cables and such as you describe in one of your posts. Stick to the basics. As long as your bench press, squats, deadlifts, rows, chins, barbell curl etc are increasing, you’re doing fine.

As for diet, get on the scale once a month or bi-weekly. As long as your bodyweight is increasing (along with strength going up), you’re doing fine. If your weight plateaus, eat more. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with keeping a rough food log, but your main concern right now is simply eating enough to grow. Don’t obsess over macros, or “eating clean.”

Here is a thread you might want to read. This guy went from skinny to huge, and used to post a lot on here.

As someone who similarly started lifting after dealing with an ED (which I still battle now), just a suggestion that at least to start, you focus less on your bodyweight and meticulously gauging your bodyfat changes and instead just focus on the weights you’re lifting increasing from week to week. People on here who would advise otherwise may not really get how much the scale number of bodyweight and its increase is associated with negativity for someone recovering from something like anorexia. I wouldn’t get too meticulous about your diet to start off with unless you can honestly say to yourself that you’ve moved past the proclivity for becoming obsessive about your weight and/or food. Because ultimately you may end up substituting one negative activity for another.

Best of luck! I’ll be following along.

Thanks man il give a weekly weigh in once a week