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A New Level of Training... For Me.


As I workout more and push myself harder and harder each time I go to the gym I notice my need for a workout partner. I have many friends that workout but are not as dedicated as I am and don't go to the gym as often or push themselves as hard as I do. Today I was my benching day and I was about to try my luck with 155.....I know some of you laugh at that number but for me it is a big achievement. I was sitting getting myself PUMPED for the bench but I was afraid because I wasn't sure If I could do it without a spotter...I had doubts. Then a white guy walks up to me and asks me If I wanted to be his workout partner......I was shocked and excited. We exchanged names and he helped me with my benching which I did 2 sets of 155. He also taught me how to work the inner chest which I never workout and it was great. He gave me his number and hopefully we will be able workout together and push each other to new levels. I don't know many people here who care about the stuff I'm typing abou but I thought I should share a great thing with my fellow T-Nation members... because to be honest I doubt I would be doing so well without the advice of everyone here on T-Nation. I just think this is going to help me with my goal of developing a better and healthier body. I just feel that T-Nation is a place where I can share these experiences. This site is the best thing that has ever happened to me. : )


There is no such thing as the "inner chest." There is only the pec minor and major.


i'm 13 tryin to build a whole lot of muscle whats a good way?


I didn't mean inner I meant like the muscle closest to the middle of your chest.


Eat some food and play some sports and even do some bodyweight and some higher rep weight training (8-15 reps) for the next several years.


I had posted a thread on partnering up. Isn't it exciting to have someone share the same enthusiasm as you? Wish you the best.


Ya Bigragoo it is and I think having a partner is critical if I am to push myself farther. : ) ty ty


I pretty much kept to myself in the gym, trying to avoid all the distracting conversations. One regular--younger and stronger than I, for sure--noticed that I was focused AND the only other regular in our time slot who trained legs on a regular basis. So one day months ago he asked if I wanted to partner up on leg days.

We're both seeing great progress in strength and size of legs. He's encouraged me (just because he's that much stronger than I) to push harder and heavier; I've pushed him to do rock-bottom squats, front squats, and tomorrow is our second time with Bulgarian Split Squats.

Having someone there to give you the confidence to "go for it" is invaluable to progress.


No way to target the inner chest without also working the rest of the length of the pecs...

I'm lucky as when I normally go to the gym there is this older bald dude who is almost always doing deadlifts who is always up for giving me a spot.


Well It targets my chest but the middle part of it I can't expalin it.......