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A New Challenge: Football


Hi there everybody!

While I was at the gym, a fellow employee and I started talking about football. He mentions that he is 35 years old and still plays full contact football in a senior league in Quebec. He asked me if I was interested in trying out for the team. I am very interested however I do have a few setbacks.

  1. I haven?t played in over 10 years
  2. I am overweight
  3. I am out of shape.

I am very fascinated and extremely excited about this opportunity, however, I am also concerned about my lack of physical fitness. I need to get back in game shape. Strength, speed, quickness and agility need to be rapidly improved.

What training program and diet would u suggest?

27 years old
5 9 Height
217 lbs
Body fat approx. 30-31% (electronic scale)

I have been doing the School Dawg workout the past couple of weeks (3 days weights 3 days cardio)

Any suggestions/ideas/comments would be appreciated.



Westside for Skinny Bastards 2....as written, with all the sprinting and agility work in addition to the weight training.


Senior league football in Quebec?

Sounds like good stuff. Go for it.


Sprint sprint, more spritn, drag sled GPP. things that have you going ALLL out for 10 seconds or so. with a short rest period. That and lifting.

Then It willbe Cake. LOL