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A New Book on Mental Illness


I happen to know the author, so I'm trying to spread the word. So far the reviews have been great, although it's a rather heavy subject. Twenty-five percent of profits go to charity.


"Silent Voices is the spellbinding, suspenseful and heartfelt saga about an American family faced with the tragic consequences of a schizophrenic son left virtually ignored, untreated and neglected by a health-care system ill equipped to cope with the needs of the severely mentally ill"

Anyone who's life has been affected by mental illness will enjoy the book.


Looks like a good read.

Much success to the author!


Is this that Auto Biography that RougeVampire was working on?


I like this and will buy.

There needs to be more things like this for mental health related issues.

This seems like it will make it more real and less "monstorus" as the disorder is often seen.

Lobbying in mental health is all about autism now ..time for more topics to come to light.

Hope your friend did it right.

Much success to him

Blessed be


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