A New Beginning

Right, here’s the story. I’m 23 and I have been training for 6 years now and im pissed off!! my stats are as follows

Height : 184cm
weight : 92kg
body fat : Approximately 15%
body type : Probably a mesomorph leaning toward an ectomorph

The story goes that I have been the above stats for about 3 years now. I want to get BIGGER whilst trying to keep my fat down to a reasonable level. I’m sick of half arsing it like I have been doing lately where one thing or the other happens and my training takes a back seat, especially over the last year or so - i’ve recently moved countries from Ireland to Australia and have been eatin crap and drinkin a bit too much beer. So from now on im hitting it hard. I will take some measurements tomorrow chest, arms, legs etc and will keep a diary of how the training goes over the next few months hopefully i will stick to it.

I have found it hard to gain size in the past, i eat quite a lot and i would say that i have a good metabolism. if i dont eat much i lose weight (muscle) fairly quick but if I eat alot of food I dont gain any (unless its Mcdonalds and beer then “here comes the beer belly!!”).

My diet
I plan on eating 6 meals a day, of similiar size and mix of protein, carbs and a little fat. i then also plan on taking a 30g mix of WPC and Casein first thing in the morning with breakfast (meal 1) and on its own before bed (meal 6). I will be gyming 4 times a week, during my workouts i will be drinking a mix of energy drink and 40gWPC. I was thinking about taking creatine, namely Universal storm. I have taken this before and found it pretty good.

On the other hand i was thinking about taking a test booster - obviously Alpha Male. Any one have thoughs on these and which i should go with?
I have taken creatine mono before, and i think i am one of those people that creatine does not work, ive tried lots of different types of it and it just wouldnt work but i found the universal storm pretty good.

My training schedule
Im gonna try the 4days a week,1 day off in between and the traditional chest, back, arms+shoulders, Legs split. I was going to go with a 4-5 exercises per body part and a 3sets of 5 rep program. every week i will try to increase the weight by 1 increment (at least 2% if possible) every week. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

anyways, thats the story. if anyone has any thoughts et me know. ive posted here before and found it very helpful.

Cheers Guys!!

Be The Best!!!

Chekc out the Physique Clinic, if you think you are an ecto, go look up Trojan’s Physique Clinic and copy his type of training. low volume, tons of quality food.