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A New Beginning!

ok i wanted to start a thred here becuase I am going to be starting something different. Some stats to start it off… I just turned 16 years old, i weigh about 170, been weight lifting for just about one year, with about 2 months off becuase I pulled my back, so a solid half year or more. I’ve been through a few cut and bulk phases, but now I want to do an overall strength thing, i dont wanna gain or loose, but i want to run, and I want to start getting good at boxing.

I am going to start boxing classes soon but for now I just have a 70lb bag I think… I can bench 235 or mabye 245 once, Its going up fast, im lifting for strength so all my stuff is in the 1-6 rep range… I keep a workout log so I increase the weight all the time and make sure im on key u kno… my eating is good not too worried about that…
my routein is
BB Bench
BB seated press
BB bent over rows
Weighted dips
BB curls

Hack squats
Roman Deadlifts
Seated calf raises


Military press
Incline BB press
Skull Crushers
Pinwheel curls

BB Lunges
Leg curls
Standing Calf raises

Saturday and Sunday: REST

I want to be in the best of shape and so strong when I hit someone they wish they werent hit.

I usually do all workouts within 1 hour, and then I run for 30 minutes, and box for like 10 or 15 minutes??

Is this good? I dont know what to do on my bag, im sure ill find out when i start my classes but what should I do in the meantime? just hit? I know the proper form, i guess thats all i can do, im getting 2 pair so me and my friends can box…

I might do the UFC when I get older and I really want to start prepairing now.

if anyone can help at all that would be great!

just to clarify, my goal is to be a lean mean fighting machine, as strong as can be, in the best shape ever and super strong.

like when should I do all of this? would it be good to do it in the morning at 5 before I go to school? I will do whatever it takes! I will run to school in the morning if I have to! If someone thats really willing to help me indepth has AIM or something it’d be nice too, im a kid willing to learn anything and do anything to reach my goals!

or could i run in the morning and box in the morning, then workout in the afternoon and box again in the afternoon?

suggestions :slight_smile:

no help?

common people please.

These articles should help.



the only one im missing is the mobility one

Look up Westside for Skinny Bastards. The program you have now is decent, but it could be a lot better.

I would do the boxing technique before lifting, and the cardio after- you should go from the most complex task to the least when working out.