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A New Animal: JDM135 for 1-2-3-4 plates

10/11 Monday
This was brutal. Warmup sets didn’t feel good. The working sets were miserable. But I finished the reps. Which means it was exactly the right work for today

Bench press
3x185, 3x195, 5x205.
Had a spotter on standby, which gave me the confidence to do the 2 extra reps. Without one I’d have stopped at 3.

5x3@70lbs overhead.
Pain, misery, etc.


Perfect, then. I forgot to answer your earlier question. I personally do not like 5x5 schemes, because usually it means to me that I am actually strong enough to use a higher weight for five and will do that instead. And then I drop the weight to something lower and increase the reps to get more volume work. I basically never do the same weight for two sets in a row unless it is the backoff sets. YMMV.

But. The most important thing is, to master this weight, so a couple weeks of it is probably a fine idea.


When I was trying to crack the 3 plate barrier on squats I made great progress doing one session per week of 8 x 3 concentrating on really trying to get used to having a “heavy” weight on my back. These were soul destroying. I’d then do something slightly lighter focused on bar speed. From memory, I added ~15kg to my squat over ~12 weeks and cracked the 3 plate barrier.


This is all that matters being able to get the work done on one of your ‘worst days’

I share that belief/ feeling. The only 5x5 workout I’m a fan of is the Texas method where one day is all about getting a new 5rm and there’s is a volume day which is 5x5 where the weight is 90% of the last 5rm


2.1 mile predawn walk.
Very low carb yesterday, and planned low carb today.
Wife complimented my mass last night. I’m visibly thicker in chest, neck, shoulders. Great!
However I am also aware my spare tire is inflating a bit under this regime. It’s a necessary part of earning a 3 plate squat I guess, but I can be more disciplined.

@Cyrrex @dagill2 @hustlinghat93 thanks guys. Your comments above have given me some good food for thought.


Dang, um, okay. I guess we’re just sharing whatever now.


Get your head out of the gutter…

It’s good that you are able to recognize when my head is in the gutter.

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I’m learning

I mean,


I rationalize mine as insulation for winter, like a grizzly bear stuffing itself before the cold comes.


If I didn’t have my jelly roll, I would have to tighten my belt so much that the flap would just be hanging out too far and looking all stupid. My fat prevents this, and then the belt covers the fat. Win/Win.


But how 'bout them shoulders, dude!

Looking good, my man.


IMO you’re looking strong, man

Awesome, dude.


Thanks @boilerman , that means a lot.
I must avoid the pretty-boy mentality that craves chiseled abs. I want to be big and strong. @T3hPwnisher proves that its possible to have both but at this time shooting for both is a recipe for neither I think.

Stayed pretty low carb today.
5 eggs+cheese for breakfast.
Fish, shrimp, cheese sauce, salad for lunch.
Salmon and asparagus for dinner.
Couple sips of heavy whipping cream and an almond bar later.

Looking at it, that’s probably not enough food.


I think you’re right- crush that 3 plate squat.

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In that regard too, I spent way more time NOT having abs vs having them. They’re a very recent curiosity and, in truth, trying to get stronger while having them is a CHORE. Historically, strong dudes were a little softer in the middle, because that little bit of fluff goes a long way in protecting your connective tissues and, in turn, allowing you to move heavy loads.

Abs are cool. Being strong is cool too. Having both is cool as well, but if you have to pick, being strong is cooler.


Press 5s pro
5x95, 110, 120 last rep was a grinder
Assistance: press 5x5@100
Easy enough.

Deadlift 5s pro:
5x225, 255, 290

Sldl 5x10@205
Ab rollouts from knees 5x7

Was exhausting.
A work capacity challenge. Grip was failing badly too. Done.


Friday 10/15/21
Squat 5x5@225
Bench 3x5@185
BSS 5x5@80, 60, 60, 60, 60 weight in front rack position.
5 minutes on the rower

Feeling like dogshit right now. Very little sleep. I hate eating. Breakfast is gross.

Making a deal with myself that in January (or lol if I hit 315 before then) I’ll take AT LEAST 2 weeks away from heavy barbell stuff and try to “have fun”. I don’t know if that will mean dumbbells and cables only, bodyweight stuff, more running, KB swings, or what. But I need a break.


When was the last time you had a planned week off/ deload?

It is slightly concerning to read you need a break but putting that break off by 2.5 months… A lot of things can happen in those 2.5 months my dude