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A New Animal: JDM135 for 1-2-3-4 plates

Sorry for such a late response man, yeah I ran a couple different templates from forever. As far as advising on an anchor, that’s sort of out of my wheelhouse if I’m being honest, I’d read through forever and pick one that looks cool if it’s something you want to do. Just judging from the last program I ran, I seem to do a bit better at higher volume for a longer period of time (longer than 6 weeks) before raising the intensity… Although, that may just be the Deepwater talking.

Looks like you have it figured out for now though, didn’t want to ignore the tag. Good luck with the minor injury stuff man.

Nobody asked my opinion on the matter, but a major contributor to my squat explosion lately, I feel, has been heavy singles (like 85-90%) and heavyish high volume (70% ish 5x10/ DW stuff). It hasn’t beaten me up and I was still progressing with reps or weight week to week. IMO the quickest way to 315 is a straight path directly at it with heavy singles and heavy back off sets. Probably not a popular opinion, but it’s just another way to look at it.

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Thanks for the input @boilerman!

I think you’re right. To be fair, coffinworm isn’t a straight path directly at it, because I could definitely do more each workout; but of all the 5/3/1 templates, it does have me hitting the actual TM for up to 3 reps, and a decent amount of work at high percentages.
And given my recent minor injury spree, it probably makes sense for me to take a long-haul approach, at least for a couple cycles. But I’m going to hit my goal by next summer, and I’d like to think I can hit 315 by year’s end, so if I’m not close by then I’ll need to switch it up.

After reading Forever, JW is so insistent that you DON"T just “go straight at it”, and that you play the long game. “Start too light” and “progress slowly” are two of his top principles! I’m not an acolyte, but I’m going to run with this program as closely as possible for now.


7/22 Thursday, 30-40 pullups (didn’t track) in sets of 5 at the office.

7/23/2021 Friday
Coffinworm, week 1 day 3:

Warmup 3 mins elliptical;
Box jumps 10;

Bench Coffinworm:
5x95, 5x145, 5x165, 5x185;
5x165, 5x185, 3x205 (PR tie)

Squat 5x5@70%, 160lb.

24 shins-to-bar, 8 sets of 3 worked around bench press.
26 unweighted BSS each side
25 unweighted back glute-ham raises (back raises? nut crushers? whatever.)

25 landmine press per arm, 25# on the bar.
25 dips.

50 BPAs,
25 barbell rows at 135lbs.

Rowing macine (Hard conditioning?)
500M in 1:47 @alex_uk this SUCKED! felt good before rowing, but this wiped me out!

Was worried about bench pressing 205, the RX is 1-3 reps. I’ve done 3 at home and should be stronger than I was then; asked for a spotter to be safe; and crushed it. Could have done a 4th rep for sure, moved fast. And that’s the thing - would I have been better served, since I had a spotter, going for a single at210 or 215? Seems like the “straight path” to 225 lies in that direction. But I’m going to follow the program for now.

Squats were easy. Too easy? Again, this is the RX for the program. Limited rest to 60 seconds between sets and did my BPAs during that interval. Maybe some squat-related bonus work is in order?

50 reps of push, pull, and single-leg/core are a GREAT way to structure a workout, i’m loving it. Superset it in between the main movements, knock it out earlier or later in the day, go as light or heavy as you want that day, mix up the movements… love it for physique goals. Duration of the session was very appropriate too.

Rowing machine was… brutal. after about 50-60 seconds I was just phoning it in, totally gassed out.


In my opinion, it would be worth noting that you’ve come off the back of Deep Water, which is the absolute epitome of an accumulation block. So heavy singles are teaching your body to use the strength it already has.

FWIW, I don’t use a belt on deadlifts, I find it gets in my way and irritates more than helps. YMMV.

Love that you’re keeping going at this in an effort to improve.


I honestly don’t remember where I clocked in the first time or two I did this. Don’t even know if I’m improving!


ME too. It forces me into a different starting position than without the belt, like it’s a different variation

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There you go.

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I normally don’t train with a belt at all, but I will use one when I’m doing maximal weights, and occasionally just so I don’t forget what it feels like. I’ve found in my experience that I have to wear my belt in a very different position for deadlifting vs. squatting. It may be a personal biomechanics thing, but if I don’t wear the belt high on my torso, like right below my ribcage, when deadlifting, it completely throws me off. I guess what I’m suggesting is to play around with belt position before you completely write it off, but there’s nothing at all wrong with training without one.


Definitely man, that’s why I included the caveat of… I did just run deepwater haha. Also jdm has been in my log for the whole thing, so he knows.

I’ve also found that, for me, hitting an overwarmup or two has helped immensely in the feel of the working weight. Did it during GMM and a few other times over the past couple months. It makes the back off sets way more manageable mentally IMO.

I’m not trying to persuade him into it, as it looks like he already has a great plan, but just throwing out ideas. Like I said in the last post, I knew it would be an unpopular opinion haha.

This is true, and probably the smartest idea. I, however, am impatient haha. The reoccurring injury thing is def a bit concerning though, so maybe taking a bit more time to add intensity is the way to safely do it. I’m still a newbie so I’m not claiming to hold the holy grail or anything. Just throwing out ideas from my experiences.

You’re gonna crush it man. I think you could run anything and reach your goals because you have the drive to do so.


Also agree with this 100%

In fact, I’ve just remembered I always used to do this with my 531 BBB sessions. Not sure why I stopped but I’ll restart.

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I assume one day I’ll start training the deadlift again and may trial belts again then. Thanks

7/23 PM update,
Medium conditioning. 30 minutes pushing the mower, half mile walk with family, 1.1 mile walk/run with boy on bike, swam a bunch of laps, some quite aggressively (wife and I were racing).
I feel beat up!


Haha good man, funny how 90 secs of work can screw you up!


7/24 Saturday
1.1 mile run with kid on bike
10 minutes EMOM with 135lb:
-3 power cleans
-1 attempt at push press

I think I missed 3 of the push presses, and some were more like push jerks. Not honestly a strength issue though; I’m trying to learn the correct technique of a hands-free push. So, good practice I guess, but I need better practice at a lighter weight if I’m to get good at it.

Edit to add this for @Bagsy
We are fostering this sweet senior dog.

He logged some couch time today.


Oh my, thank you for that.

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7/25 Sunday (yesterday)
1.1 mile walk with baby.
A few push presses, up to 145lb, working on that technique.
A strict press at 135lb. Got my belt in and had to take it for a test drive.
100 pushups, spread through the day sets of 25.
Heavy yard work.


How did the belt feel?

Will require getting used to.
Not completely sure about proper tightness. I may have it too tight right now, but it does enable a lot of abdominal pressure.
The bottom of the belt is on my hip bones, and if I bring it up it’s too high. So that’s a bit uncomfortable but I think just part of being skinny.


7/26/2021 Monday
Cofinworm week 2 day 1

Squat Coffinworm.
5x135, 5x155, 5x180, 5x205;
5x180, 5x205, 3x225

Bench 5x5@155lb (RX was 70%/145. Shoot me.)

Juarez Valley 135lb front squats, with 5 “real” (6-count) burpees after each FS set:
8,1,7,2,6,3,5,4. Which is 36 front squats and 40 burpees in 13:50. Not a great time at all but I can get better with practice.

50 pullups - 13 sets of 3 betwixt the main work, 1 set of 11 at the end.
10 pushups to bring the pushup total to 50 after the burpees

Counting FS as core assistance

Heavy DB holds for grip strength, what the hell



Prithy good sir, perchance did you “belt up” for yonder sets.