A New Adventure...

Hey guys I am new to this site and looking to embark upon a new adventure. I am not really a beginner when it comes to working out, I have been doing it on an off for sometime. However, recently I have found myself going to the gym more often and I am enjoying it a lot more than I used to. Thus I am looking for some help regarding which programs I should use.

I have a couple goals I would like to achieve. Firstly, I am 6?2? and am about 150lbs, which I am sure should be a lot more. I am looking to decrease some fat in the stomach area and overall build muscle and get bigger.

I have read a few articles on the website and have found them very useful. But I was wondering if some of you could recommend certain programs that you think would help achieve my goals.

I appreciate your help.


How frequently are you lifting now?

How much cardio are you doing if you are doing any?

How long have you been ‘going to the gym more often’ ?

How does your diet look?

Thanks for your reply :smiley:

To answer you questions:

  1. I plan to lift about 4-5 times per week, Monday-Thursday or Friday.

  2. About 20 minutes everyday…a small run outside, and than usually for about 10 minutes on a bike. I also will try to get some cardio done by playing sports like basketball.

  3. About a week…Although the plan is to continue from now on, on a proper schedule that actually helps me meet my goals.

  4. Currently my diet is not the greatest. But I am working on it. As I am away for school and am not the best cook, it will be a challenge.

This is your biggest hurdle, don’t even bother lifting if you are’nt eating right. and I don’t mean super clean by right. For you I mean ENOUGH. You have to eat some food man. However don’t get into the habit of just stuffing your face with anything, it creates bad habits and it’s not exactly the healthies thing in the world. Start reading some articles on here by John Berardi, and Lonnie Lowery. That should get you started. Once you get this done, then start your lifting.

Well over the past couple weeks before I hit the gym again I started to alter my eating habits a bit. However, it’s not something that can change instantly, it takes time. But I do think that I should start lifting.

Any thoughts?