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A "Natural" Way to Lower E2?

What’s up guys. I’m on once a week injections and everything was GREAT until just recently. I can tell my E2 is getting high (or too high) because I’m starting to lose erections during sex or not as hard and libido is getting weaker. Last I checked my E2 was 56. I’m due labs in 2 weeks I’m sure my E2 is at least 80-90 now!

I DON’T want to take an AI so is there any other way to lower my E2 WITHOUT dosing multiple times a week? Zinc? DIM? I’ve already started lowering my dose the last two weeks and nothing has changed.

Worth a shot. Many report it helps with the symptoms.

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@highpull by chance, would you happen to know an effective dose for DIM?

200-300mg per day

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I can recommend 2 products:


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The end game solution to your high estrogen problem is splitting up your injections, reduce 10-15% and split doses up twice weekly.

An AI is a last resort when increasing injection frequencies fails to deliver results, it’s rare that someone would need an AI on daily injections.

DIM can help with estrogen metabolism but it cannot lower estrogen, it likely won’t be enough.

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I think you need to provide a little more information. How long have you been on TrT? Have changed anything to your protocol lately? Have you gained extra weight as in fat not just water retention?

I bring this up because my E2 spiked twice while I have been on TrT. Once from my body adjusting to all the changes and trying to find a balance and the second time was when I changed my protocol. BUT after awhile every thing balanced on its own. I have never taken an AI even though my E2 spiked into the 60’s and 70’s.


@newbvet understandable. I’ve been on TRT for 2 years now. I came off for a month last year then jumped back on in October2018. When I did labs in early November, my TT was 777 and E2 was 56. But I felt good. About two weeks ago, the weak libido and softer erections started. I’m due labs again at the end of the month and I’m sure my E2 is in the 80-90 range if not higher!

How much are were you injecting, and how much are you injecting now?

DIM and CDG can be harsh on your e2.

I would start with warm lemon water, and zinc. also lowering dose. Splitting dose is even better. Are you IM or SQ?

You might be able to bring down your peak a little with SQ and bring down e2 also.

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@anon10035199 oh ok how much zinc per day? IM injections once a week in the glutes! I was injecting 300mg then I dropped it down to 280mg. Still no relief so as of last week’s injection, I dropped down to 230mg. I’m thinking about dropping again

I went on ahead an ordered an DIM product called “Estrohault”. Its got 150mg of DIM per pill and I’ll be taking two a day (300 mg) so we’ll see if that helps.

That is a very large amount of test to be injecting once a week. No wonder your having E2 problems. Where is your SHBG? Are you taking such a large amount to compensate for high SHBG?

If not, you should consider REALLY lowering your dose. Dropping from 300 to 280 will probably not have any effect short term.

Normal TRT starts out at 100mg a week, give or take. Who told you to take 300mg once a week, that is closer to a steroid cycle than TRT.


@anon10035199 I go to one of those TRT clinics and when I came back on TRT after my month off, my TT was 317 as a 27 year old so their remedy to “skyrocket” my T levels was the megadose of 300 mg. It worked; it got my TT up to 777 after 5 weeks. My dose at the moment is 230 mg. Should I go even lower? My SHBG last I check was 4

That is absolutely crazy.

With a lower SHBG, you need less Test to reach decent levels.

All your doing now is causing E2 problems. And down the road you will have CBC and other issues as well.

Was your SHBG really 4? Are you overweight/diabetic or mess with SARMS?

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With a 4 SHBG I would be checking liver functions and requesting lab work for liver. Isn’t that indicative of fatty liver disease?

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@anon10035199 really?! Damn now I’m worried! Yes my SHBG was really 4. It normally ranged between 12-15. Actually at the time those labs were done, I was taking SARMS. I’ve been off of them for months now.

Not overweight at all. I’m 5’7" 200 lbs at about 15% bodyfat. Pretty solid, relatively lean

SARMS can fuck with your SHBG for a long time I think.

People with low SHBG usually inject 3 times a week or even more. youll have to get someone like @systemlord in here for that.

Dude you need daily injections because Free T and Free E2 must be insane with an SHBG of 4! Do not target high normal levels, of estrogel WILL always be a problem.

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