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Holy fucking ketones, batman!

Finally. 18 days for the record.


Congrats, you’re pregnant!


Update time… Long overdue. I moved to the land of my birth in early May. As part of the process I chose to sell my gym equipment. For a multitude of reasons, my daily caloric expenditure has dropped precipitously. As a result: I’ve lost much of what I worked for. I now think of myself as a fat fuck. Again. It’s amazing what momentum will do, positive or negative. I started a new job in construction and expected to be doing a lot of heavy lifting and movement, and instead I am finding myself quite sedentary. I have been riding my bicycle some mornings, but not enough. Diet-wise: I am still eating keto, but at an average surplus of 200-400 kcals per day, instead of a 2-400 kcal defecit. I also developed quite the quest bar habit… My record is a box of 12 in one day… I was traveling, and scored them for .99 ea… I finished the last one last night and I am not buying anymore! They put an addictive chemical in them that makes you crave them nightly. No Bueno. Another insane feat of eating came when I consumed 24oz of macadamia nuts in 24hrs… Again, traveling… Time to make some changes. Today I prepped 3lbs of chicken thighs (grilled with a spice blend), 3 lbs of chicken breasts (braised in buffalo sauce and shredded), 2.5 lbs of Brussels sprouts, 2 lbs of asparagus (grilled), a big batch of roasted tomatillo salsa, grilled zucchini, baked a tray of bacon, made a fruit salad for the kiddos, seared sausage, hard boiled a dozen eggs, and made a batch of macadamia nut butter. I’m about to make dinner (grouper with salsa verde, asparagus & soft boiled quails eggs, pics later).

i think I’ve finally hit rock bottom with regards to my fitness, again. Tomorrow will be a 20min (double my usual) bike ride at 25mph+ in the morning. I’m not going to drink alchohol for at least the next few days (that habit really creeps back up if I’m not vigilant!) There always seems to be SOME excuse why I should drink tonight and “quit tomorrow.” Like visiting relatives, perfect pairing with dinner, hard day at work, etc. I’ve had enough of waking up disappointed in myself, and it’s time to regain the physique that inspires me. Florida has proven to be more difficult in that regard, but hey, I like difficult things!


I finally got back on the firetruck. Two days ago I went to a 24 hr gym, about 10 mins from my house, and signed-up. I had to leave my gym equipment in OR, so I have been without weights for 4 months… It has not been kind to my physique:


I also have switched my nutrition plan around; I was 5+ months of steady keto, many days at a surplus. Side note: I consumed 24oz of macadamia nuts in less than 24hrs. I am now on a balanced diet including low gi carbs. I’m going to sit at Maintenence (2850) for 3 weeks while lifting 5-6x/week, then cut for 2 weeks before a trip back to OR.


Glad to see you back on the horse man. I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body will return to where it was when you took the hiatus. Muscle memory is crazyyyy.


Welcome back! Missed the food porn!


Ok, quick recap of my training this week:

Monday: got a gym membership. Push day:
10 mins on stationary bike
flat bench (hammer machine)
Pec deck on the cable machine
Dumbell ohp
Tri-rope pushdown

Tuesday: 196lbs.
pull day (I have been missing back workouts soooo much!)
10 mins stationary bike
Straight arm pushdowns 40x12, 50x12, 50x11, 40x15
Close grip seated rows, last set one handed returns- 90x12, 130x10, 110x12, 110x12, 90x6
Kroc rows- 40x10, 50x8, 55x8, 65x8 (hard to believe I used to pull sets of 120x6!)
Seated in line Dumbell curls- 20x12, 20x10, 20x8+2+2.
Wednesday: legs. 196lbs
11:15 on stationary bike
Smith machine squats- 95x12, 135x10, 155x8
Leg press- 130x20, 190x12, 230x10, 250x10
Calf raise- 50x 16, 70x15, 90x15, 90x13

Thursday: everything else. 195lbs
Stationary bike 16:30
Farmers walks: 75lb dbs, 7laps around the gym. 6 mins.
Ohp- 50x15, 70x12, 90x12, 100x6
Tri-rope- 40x12, 50x10, 65x8
Lateral plate raise- 5x12, 5x10, 10x8

I love the gym. This is the first time I have gone to a gym in 10 years. It’s no-nonsense, 24hrs, and I generally don’t have to wait for equipment. I’m going at 5-5:15, and there are only a few others there.

I haven’t been this sore since The first time I tried lifting in high school. Since Wednesday I have not been able to extend my arms fully… My forearms and biceps are smoked. Triceps are very sore. Chest is still sore today (Friday morning!), back is sore all over. Thursday evening my calves started feeling more and more sore; now I am hobbling and limping around. I actually tried to take it easy this first week in anticipation of a little soreness, but I clearly did not accomplish that goal. I had a very hard time picking things up off the ground at work yesterday. Fortunately I have a long-weekend away with my wife to celebrate our anniversary, and I am looking forward to some rest time. Monday I will be back, badder than ever, hopefully with some food-porn pics to share :slight_smile:


Good week of lifting… Soreness is MUCH reduced; weights are steadily climbing up. Monday was a rest day after getting 5.5 hrs of sleep the night before. Tues was Push/Chest/Tris. Wed was Pull/Back/Bis. Thurs was Push/Legs. Friday: rest. Saturday was Bike/DLs/Farmer’s walks. I was apprehensive to start Deadlifts again, but I put my big-boy pants on and Dl’d for the first time in… 6 months? @dchris I eventually hit 225x3. Farmers walks 80lbs x 8 laps (up 5 lbs and 1 lap from last week). The gym scale is F%$ked… it said I was 173 (down 26lbs from Wed!).


Your back is much better than mine. Don’t mind me, I’ll just lay here in pain.

Congrats on the rapid weight loss.


Sunday AM workout:
Bike for 12:45mins, 3.57 miles
Squats: 95x12, 135x10, 155x8, 185x4
Ohp 50x15, 70x10, 90x8, 110x6
Db raises:5x12, 8x10, 10x10.

Another big day of hauling rocks ahead… Finishing the second 80ft French drain, and I need another 500lbs of gravel to top off the trench.


Great couple days lifting. Weights, and weight, going steadily up. At 204lbs this morning. Much softer than I prefer, but I am regaining strength very quickly.
Highlights: last week I got crushed on OHP… Tried for 110 and got NONE. Yesterday I hit 110 x 8!
Previous rack pull # was 235x3 (10 days ago); today I hit 265x3.

After 4 months-off the weights, it feels good to be back. I’m finallynstartunto feel confident enough in my muscles/joints to try for MOAR.

I’ve been back on the carbs, and off the keto. Averaging 180g/day. Protein is back up to about 300g/day. Fats are making up the balance; averaging 75g/day. I’m keeping kcals at or under 3000. Been doing this for 3 weeks. I’m planning to continue this moderate-bulk until I can’t take the chub anymore, then peel the bacon.


202lbs after 40oz of water. Hit 5000 kcals burned yesterday at work. Woke up with sore feet. Legs still sore from squats a few days ago. Calves have finally recovered, so I hit them hard today.

Good session today with new rack pull PR (lifetime!):
Rack pulls 135x 10, 185x6, 225x4, 245x4, 265x4, 275x3, 295x3 (lifetime PR), 275x3, 225x6, 185x6,

I thought I was doing 285, racked it, then did the math and realized I was 5lbs away from 300 :joy:

Calf raises: 90x10, 90x10, 90x10, 90x10
Ab machine: 50x12, 70x10, 90x12, 110x12 (first time on the machine).

Feeling good about my physique again, finally. This ship takes a long time to come around.


One month progress pic:
Left is aug 14
Right is sep 18.

Very happy with progress so far. Basic rundown on changes is:

  1. working out at gym 4x/week. Push/pull/legs/heavy rotation. Heavy consists of farmers carries or deadlifts, and hammering whatever doesn’t feel sore.
  2. 3000kcals/day, with an average TDEE of 3700.
  3. carbs at or around 100g/day. Carb intake begins at meal 1, tapering off by lunch. (Occasional carb load day, with pasta, bread, rice, or potatoes.)
  4. eating every 2 hours or so. Mostly salads or veggies with a decent portion (3-5oz) of meat.
  5. fats 120-150g/day. Lots of avocado oil, nuts, salmon, and cacao.
  6. protein up around 300g/day.
    7)protein/fat shake before bed and in the middle of the night.


That’s a lot of protein! 1.2g per pound of bw should be adequate


For sure; I know that it’s more than what is necessary for “protein needs”, I’m sure that a decent amount of those cals are going through glucogenesis and being used as energy rather than utilized for tissue building/repair. I’m just copying what has worked best for my physique in the past based on personal record-keeping.

I’m not an expert on metabolism, but I have a theory that the inefficiency of the protein>glucose metabolism can be used to my benefit. I’m going to run this phase of experimentation for the next two months and see where I get. So far my self-experimentation has yeilded the following general rules:

Most muscle mass (205-210, 12%ish BF) was achieved consuming 3200-4000 kcals, 300gP, 100-150F, 100gC, with occasional carb load days, corresponding to heavy kcal outputs (i.e. 300g carbs on a 5000 kcal TDEE day of mountaineering).

Leanest (187-189, 10%BF (?)) was achieved consuming 2400-2600kcals, 225gP, 50-75gF, 250gC. Mood was not great after a month of this diet.

Best way to lose muscle-mass and strength: stop working out for 5 months, add in stress, and a steady dose of ketosis. Keto diet was less than 25gC, 75-80% daily kcals from fats, 20% from protein (looked at random day; 2550kcals, 205F, 130P, 28C).


205 this morning, down 3 lbs from yesterday.
17.5 mins on elliptical @ level 4-6.
OHP 50x20, 70x 15, 90x 13, 90x 10, 90x12
Squats 95x20, 115x20, 135x 15, 135x10, 135x15
Leg press 150x20, 210x15, 250x15, 250x13
1 hour.

Did some food prep today; 3.25lbs of Mahi on the grill and portioned. Portioned 2.5lbs of chicken breast. also baked 2 loaves of bread.

I’ve been experimenting with carb cycling lately. I’ve been trying 2-off, 1-on. Off days are less than 75g carbs, no direct carb sources. On days are 275-350g carbs. Clean. 3000-3500 kcals, depending on energy expenditure for the day. So far so good… I’ve been putting on good wieght, although I’m ready to lose the love handles. I’ll be bulking like this for another 2.5 wks, then moving into a 2 week mild-cut. Rinse-repeat until March.


Rest day today. Low carbs. Low calories (2500ish). Kept active by moving cams stuff and cleaning the house/food prep all day.

Today’s nutrition:

Today’s activity log:

Prepped some new foods today. I was given an eggplant, and a few nice tomatoes, at work. I decided to make oven-dried tomatoes. I have never eaten eggplant and enjoyed it, so I did a bit of research and came up with a good technique; microwave for 15mins to dehydrate, then pan-sear. Both the eggplant and tomatoes came out great!

Plan for tomorrow: low carb, to facilitate a big prime-rib dinner tomorrow night. No alchohol. Exogenous ketones for breakfast, with espresso. Workout chest for one hour tomorrow am.

Omelet ingredients for my post-workout meal tomorrow:
4 eggs
14g compte cheese
28g salami,
25g onions and jalapeños, sautéed
Julienned eggplant and tomatoes (from above)
Cooked in 4g bacon fat.

Prepped meals:
(12 oz chicken, 300g Brussels sprouts, 300g roasted Normandy vegetable blend, 80g spinach, 28g mixed nuts, 28g raw macadamia nuts, 255g fat free Greek yogurt, omelet from above, not pictured: 28g olive oil)


Notes from previous 2 workouts:

1/2/19 was back day. Low carb/high fat. Nutrition looked like this:

Trained, as usual, in the AM. Pre workout consisted of exogenous ketones. Citrulline mallate, beta alanine, and Creatine intra.

1/3/19 (today) was leg day. Squat rack was in use by another, so I had to settle for leg press. Nutrition today is high carb/low fat.
My numbers look like this, with dinner not yet counted:

Food today (lunches) looks like:


What app are you using for tracking your diet?


@Allberg (reply function glitched) Myplate. It’s the old livestrong app. I think they changed the name to distance themselves from lance. I’ve been using it since 2010. It used to allow you to download all your info as a spreadsheet, but that feature has been disabled.