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What app are you using for tracking your diet?


@Allberg (reply function glitched) Myplate. It’s the old livestrong app. I think they changed the name to distance themselves from lance. I’ve been using it since 2010. It used to allow you to download all your info as a spreadsheet, but that feature has been disabled.


Very active day (at work) today!
Anytime I am over 5000 cals, I am a happy camper!

Today’s nutrition looked like:

My favorite pre-bed meal is a protein ice-cream. My recipe is here:
3 scoops of whey protein.
15g fearn lecithin granules
14g macadamia nut oil
1g salt
13g unsweetened chocolate w/ cacao nibs
400g ice
125g water
2.5g xantham gum.
Put everything, in order, into the blender jar ( this needs a pretty substantial blender like a vitamix), you should end up with the xantham gum on top of ice, above the rest of the ingredients. Blend, using the wand to force ice Into the blades. blend until grainy in appearance. Pour into pre-frozen glasses. Let sit in freezer for 30mins. Remove and place in fridge.

I eat about 2/3rds just before bed. I eat the other third in the middle of the night.


Tomorrow’s lunches:

Clockwise from upper left:
Chicken breast (3oz) with pasta (2oz dry) and tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

100g basmati rice, 3oz chicken, 75g green beans

Braised kale with sausage; sauerkraut

255g fat free organic Greek yogurt; 70g wild blueberries; 36g steel cut oats

Same as above with 12g honey

More chicken and pasta

Another high carb day. Will drop cals and carbs at least one day this weekend.


The Livestrong branding is still there, it’s on the app landing screen, their emails are from Livestrong.com but, it didn’t work great for me. I was looking to replace Lifesum but Lifesum had a better catalogue of the food products that are available in my country. Thanks for replying though!


Tomorrow’s meals (breakfast & lunches):

Clockwise from top left:
2oz spinach & 2 cups roasted Normandy blend veggies. 14g macadamia nut oil

2oz ground beef (85% lean)
1.5 cups Normandy blend veggies

3oz ground beef
100g sauerkraut

1cup fat free organic Greek yogurt
16g coconut flakes
8g cacao nibs

Same as previous

2oz/56g mixed roasted nuts

5 eggs (from my backyard hens; chocolate, ducky, nanna, peeps, and malifecent)
16g salami
14g cheddar cheese
Cooked in 4g bacon fat
50g spinach
Tobassco scorpion sauce

My activity for today (1/3/2019)

Busy day today! Another 5000+ kcal day. Almost 20,000 steps.

My nutrition totals for today:

Plan to go to the gym tomorrow before work, then an overtime 10hr shift! Hoping for another busy day.


I’m sorry that I’m a bit late to your log. What do you do that keeps you so active? I’ve had that step count but I don’t have a partner, I live alone, and my everyday cooking isn’t as joyous.


I’m active at work. I am currently training to be an electrical contractor; so a lot of time up and down the ladder; pulling wire; using hammer; etc. I also consciously attempt to move as quickly as I can, no matter what I’m doing, in an effort to burn more calories. In other words, I walk very quickly to the bathroom!


What did you do before (if anything)?


@Allberg (don’t know why the reply-to feature isn’t working on my phone!)

My last project was phone/tablet repair. I built up a chain of 4 stores, and sold the business. I was, and am-still, involved with photography; mostly weddings, but also other commercial work and teaching. I have worked as a chef for awhile in restaurant kitchens as well as in private households as a personal chef. I’m still doing catering when the right gig shows up, and I am always looking for the opportunity to use my passion for cooking to make more money :smiley:

What part of the world are you in and what do you do?


Somehow, under the hood, it’s still working. I’m getting both the reply and the @.

Very cool. I appreciate how industrious/entrepreneurial you are!


Software developer in the financial sector!

Your meals look fab. Especially love how your greens come out. Will pour over your log and the food porn thread to pick up on how you do it!


Thanks! Do you mean the braised greens here: Food Porn Thread ?

I’m happy to share recipes or techniques, just let me know!


Today’s meals; low carb day today after a big carb-up yesterday.

Clockwise from top left:
4egg omelette with spinach and cheddar.
2oz mixed nuts
3x 100g sauerkraut and 200g roasted Normandy vegetables
5 oz grilled Mahi
5oz grilled 85%lean ground beef
8oz grilled sirloin
100g spinach with 1oz of Saint Andre triple cream cheese
14g olive oil
Nutrition numbers for today’s low carb meals:

Nutrition numbers for yesterday’s high carb:


Yes indeed, those ones. Would love to know what you did there (even if it’s just something simple).

My greens game is basically just pan-frying alongside with whatever I happen to be making. I did however make a lovely cauliflower crusted with curry. Trying to find a way to make it low fat, by finding alternatives for the coconut milk that the recipe specifies. Have so far tried omitting it entirely (does not work) and using almond milk (doesn’t bind together well enough). Next attempt will be using apple sauce (no additives, makes it like 40 cals per 100g). Here’s the original recipe: https://9gag.com/gag/a05Xwgd

I’d also like to know more about,

how long does it hold and anything you should be conscious of tossing frozen veggies in the pan (assuming that’s how you roast them that is)?

One last thing, you post a lot of sous vide stuff, ever worry about the plastic?


I made the braised greens on instinct (not via recipe), so I am not sure of the amounts. Il make it again this week and give you a specific recipe/procedure. I use a pressure cooker to cook them.

Regarding the frozen veggies: they will be good in the freezer for 4-6 months in zip top freezer bags. When roasting them, I always keep the pans I intend to use in the oven during the preheat cycle. The frozen veggies use a lot more thermal energy than non-frozen, due to the phase change (solid to liquid to gas), so every bit of extra energy in the pan helps keep things from just steaming in the oven. A convection oven helps too (to help clear out the humid air).

Regarding sous vide plastic safety: yes, it concerns me; I use food saver brand bags which are polyethylene. They are supposedly lab-grade, and do not use plasticizers or additives.
Here is an article:

I’m not completely convinced that is is 100% safe, and I am open to counter-arguments. One study that conclusively shows leaching in the sous vide scenario and I would stop using it.


202.5 today. I’ve been eating 1-day-on, 2-off carbs for the past week and a half. So far so good. I’ve lost 5lbs of holiday bacon around my waist.
Dec 25th on left, today on right:

Today’s meals:

Looking forward to a carb day tomorrow. Waffles, pasta, rice, bread, nom nom nom.


Maybe this will be the excuse that I need to get me one of those. I’d very much appreciate it!

Noted! Once my freezer emptied from some wholesale salmon I’ll give this a go! (it’s literally overstocked with frozen salmon)

I’ll have a read! I just found out BPA free is not the same as “safe” so I’ll be looking into replacing my Nalgene bottles with steel shakers but usually there is always something made with plastic (lid).

Do you do organ meats? I just picked up a lot of beef liver and am shopping around for ideas.


You seem more flexed in the second pic :wink:


Not a huge fan of liver or organ meats… Haven’t experimented much though. The only thing I have used liver for is adding it to burgers (about 10% liver… Delicious!)


Weighed 202.5 again today; feeling tighter. Low carb day yesterday:

very active day yesterday(!):

Today’s meals:

High carb day today; clockwise from top-left:
(3x) 95g basmati rice, 85g chicken breast, 60g Brussels sprouts, 65g green beans

75g spinach, 50g zuchini, 20g okra, 15g balsamic vinegar, 5g olive oil

Stroop waffle (post workout meal 1)

Home-baked bread (50g)

255g fat free Greek yogurt, 150g wild blueberries, 36g steel cut oats (post-workout meal 2)

This morning’s session was shoulders and biceps. Carb-loaded on 2 servings of kodiak waffles with whey isolate added (7.5g whey isolate per serving of kodiak). Oh, y duo espressos.